Monday Morning Hangover


The Giants didn’t play on Sunday and they still gained groun in the standings. With the rest of the NFC East playing on Sunday, the Giants were able to pick up a 1/2 game in the standings on both Washington and Dallas, while they lost a 1/2 game on the Eagles who won. As of right now the NFC East looks like this:

NYG 4-0
WSH 4-2
DAL 4-2
PHI 3-3

So if the Giants win tonight, they will 1.5 games up on Washington and Dallas and 2.5 games up on Philadelphia.

But even with the Giants not playing on Sunday, a lot happened in what has been and will most likely continue to be a wild NFL season.

Tony Romo showed on Sunday afternoon that he is still the same old choke artist that ripped the hearts out of the Dallas fans the past two season in the playoffs. After the Dallas miraculously tied the game on a field goal that was made possible because of an injured Arizona Cardinal player, the Cowboys won the coin toss, and had the ball to start overtime tied 24-24. But with the chance to drive the Cowboys down the field and win a game that would move them ahead of the Redskins in the standings, Tony Romo led his team to a quick three and out that included a fumble by Mr. Romo himself. And on fourth down, Mat McBriar punted the ball into a pair of blockers and Arizona’s Monty Beisel walked into the end zone with a 30-24 Cardinals win.

And as was the case after Dallas’ Week 4 loss to the Redskins will be the case this week, as the hype of the most overrated team not named the San Diego Chargers will take another hit this week. At 4-2, the Cowboys are one loss away from tying their loss total from all of last season. They didn’t earn their second loss in 2007 until Week 15 against the Eagles.

Tom Brady got hurt in Week 1. That was five weeks ago. You are telling me in five weeks a real NFL QB couldn’t get the Patriots systems down?  Or at least gotten it enough down so that Matt Cassel doesn’t havet to play.

Well the Patriots proved they are going nowhere in 2008. You can’t lose to the San Diego Chargers and try to tell people that you are still a good team in this league. The Chargers were 2-3 going into their game against and their two wins were against the New York Jets and the Oakland Raiders. They had lost to the Carolina Panthers, Denver Broncos, and Miami Dolphins. So, judging by that we at least learned one thing from the game Sunday night. The Miami Dolphins are better than both the Patriots and Chargers.

But my question is this…If Tom Brady got hurt in Week 1 (five weeks ago), how have the patriots not signed a real, legitimate NFL quarterback to start for them? Matt Cassel isn’t a bad quarterback, he is an awful one, and his terrible play was exposed in the game last night. He is what he is at this point. A backup QB who is there to get time in mop up rolls to make sure the starter doesn’t get injured. But when the start does get injured…GO GET ANOTHER QUARTERBACK. I mean believe me, I like watching the Patriots flounder and fall in embarrassing fashion, but doesn’t the organization have any respect of their fans? They deserve to at least think they have a chance this season, don’t they?

The Patriots are bad from top to bottom. They have a lifetime backup quarterback. Their running game is horrendous and their special teams are an embarrassment. Their wide receivers are actually good, but when your quarterback throws all of his passes under 10 yards, it’s kind of hard for anyone to see the talent that the receivers have. Every single non-running play from New England is either a little slant or a five yard pass across the middle. I wonder if Randy Moss wishes he didn’t take less money to stay with New England. I bet every time he shows up to the football field he thinks about the big paycheck and different team he could be part of this season.

1. New York Giants
Still unbeaten and should be that way tomorrow morning as well.

2. Tennessee Titans
The only other undefeated team.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers
It hurts me to put the Steelers here, but the Skins did lose to the Rams.

4. Washington Redskins
Lose to the Rams and you will drop two places.

5. Arizona Cardinals
A 4-2 record and a win over the Cowboys. Maybe the Cowboys aren’t as good as some thought?

28. Seattle Seahawks
The Seahawks join the club. They might be the president of the club before long.

29. Oakland Raiders
Their only win came against the Chiefs. That might be their only win.

30. Kansas City Chiefs
Somehow they beat the Broncos. Where will they get their second win from?

31. Detroit Lions
They are bad, really bad. But they showed some signs of life on Sunday.

32. Cincinnati Bengals
Still no wins and no QB. Things don’t look good for the Bengals.

Another less than great week with the picks, but I mean what a mess Sunday was. So many unlikely wins and unpredictable endings, I am lucky to be 6-7 entering the last game tonight. The season record is at 45-41 (.523).

What is going on in the NFL when Miami and Atlanta have the same amount of wins combined as Indianapolis and New England?

Was Randy Moss the second worst pick for fantasy football players in 2008?

I guess the Colts are back. A 31-3 blowout against the Ravens will have the media believing in Peyton Manning and Indy once again. The same way I have believed in them all along.

Is Bill Belichick still a genius without Tom Brady? Doesn’t look that way.

Chris Mortensen has the Giants losing to the Browns tonight. The Giants will have Chris Mortensen losing by the end of Monday Night Football.

What is going on in Atlanta? The Falcons are 4-2 and Matt Ryan looks like he belongs in the league. Now there is a sentence I never thought I would be typing.

What happened to the Panthers? I thought they were pretty good. But I guess the Bucs thought otherwise.