Back In Action


After a week away from the G-Men HQ, there is a lot to talk about.

The Giants beat the 49ers like everyone expected and that was the final straw in San Fran as they sent Mike Nolan packing earlier today. But what a win for the Giants who have now inched a win closer to the postseason. And are now just a 5-5 record from clinching that magical record of 10-6 that is a guaranteed playoff berth.

Now there is much to talk about with the NFC East with the events that took place over the weekend, but let’s start first with the Giants.

A better showing than what we saw in Cleveland last Monday, but still not what I or anyone should expect from the Giants. They were far from their best and it was still good enough for a 29-17 win, but they are going to need to change some things before their trip to the Steel City on Sunday.

Eli Manning bounced back and had a nice afternoon, not his best, but not his worst, and while the running game simply dominated the 49ers, Plaxico Burress was busy making headlines again for his sideline antics with Tom Coughlin. The last thing Plaxico needs is any more negative attention and more comparisons of him and Jeremy Shockey. It would be in Plaxico’s best interest to settle down and just play the game and be the superstar receiver he is suppose to be.

So with the win the Giants are now 5-1 and remain in first place in the Beast. But what is more intriguing is the disaster that is going on in Dallas. And how Giants fans should be loving every minute of it.

With Tony Romo out and Brad Johnson in, the Dallas D took the day off and were just embarrassed by Steven Jackson and the St. Louis Rams who have now won back-to-back games and both against teams from the Beast.

Dallas is 4-3. They trail the Giants by 1.5 games in the standings and the Redskins by one. They have now lost back-to-back games and are without their starting QB. Not to mention their owner called for a closed door meeting, their coach is on the edge of the hot seat and about to fall off, and their troubled players are causing trouble. But aside from the self implosion everything seems to be good in the Big D.

The Redskins on the other hand were able to keep pace with the Giants as they beat the Browns in a very tight game and with the Lions on tap, the Redskins have a chance to make a move in the standings with the Giants visiting the Steelers (that is if the Steelers can handle Big Blue).

The Eagles had the week off, but they return this week trailing the first place Giants by two games.

Lots of action to come on the blog today as we return to work, so stay tuned.