Jerry Jones Believes


Jerry Jones is either living in a fantasy world or he is just crazy. The Cowboys owner said he “absolutely” believes that the Cowboys will make the postseason and while I can’t be angry with the man for believing in his own franchise, I can be angry with the thought that he is so positive, so certain that the Cowboys are headed to January football.

Right now the Cowboys are 5-4. Right now they are out of the division race and have one way to make the postseason in two different spots. Those two spots of course are wild card spots. But it is going to take 10 wins most likely to get into the NFC playoffs and that would mean a 5-2 finish for the Big D. Here are the Cowboys last seven games:

@ Washington (6-3)
vs San Francisco (2-7)
vs Seattle (2-7)
@ Pittsburgh (6-3)
vs New York Giants (8-1)
vs Baltimore (6-3)
@ Philadelphia (5-4)

Are there five wins in there for the Cowboys to get? I’m not so sure.

This weekend they have Washington which will be a battle. Then let’s say they beat San Fran. They have Seattle who is getting their QB back and then a four game finish that will end their 2008 season. I am not sure how the Cowboys think they are going to get to 10 wins this season, especially with the schedule they have left to play.

Isn’t it funny to think that only a couple months ago it was the Dallas Cowboys who were going to be world champions in Tampa Bay in February? Isn’t it funny to think that they were suppose to win the Beast with ease and laugh their way to the title game against whoever could come out of the wide open AFC? But instead their quarterback hurt his pinkie, their defense laid down for the opposition, their star wide receiver reverted back to his old selfish self, their overmatched coach exposed his weaknesses, their backup quarterbackes played like backup quarterbacks, their troubled cornerback got into more trouble, and the team from Dallas played like anything but a team.

So here we are with Week 11 about to get underway in a few minutes with the Jets and Patriots kicking off in New England and the Dallas Cowboys are close to elimination from the postseason picture.

Is there a chance the Dallas Cowboys will be a wild card team this season? Yes, but right now they have the same chance as the Eagles, Vikings, Packers, and Saints, and even with the Packers and Saints being 4-5 teams, they don’t have nearly as tough a schedule left as the Cowboys.

So I will join the bandwagon that many have hoped for this entire season in saying that the Dallas Cowboys are not going to the playoffs this season, whether Mr. Jones believes it or not.

It will be another long off-season in Dallas with a disappointing year, their third disappointing finish in three years. This time it will extend their playoff win drought to 13 seasons.