The Overrated Rankings


Everyone likes to do their own power rankings and share their opinion on who belongs where in the NFL. Here we like to do things a little differently. Instead of ranking all 32 teams and sticking the Giants and Titans at the top and the Chiefs and Lions at the bottom, let’s take some time go over the Not So Elite 8: The NFL’s Most Overrated Teams.

1. San Diego Chargers
Once again a Chargers rant. But really it is so much fun. I mean what other team could have so many supposed “weapons” and be so horrific? What other team could fire a legendary coach in Marty Schottenheimer and hire a guy whose first name is Norv in Norv Turner. Did they really think it was going to work out when they made that move? The Chargers are 4-7. That’s four wins and seven losses coming out of the second worst division in the NFL. Wow. And you know what makes me sick? The fact that even though I have proclaimed them done for 2008, they still have a chance to make the playoffs because the team that is currently ahead of them, might actually be more overrated than the Chargers (if that’s possible). Which brings us to our second team…

2. Denver Broncos
I would rather give another team a bye in the NFL playoffs then have the Broncos get into. No team that is currently in the picture is less deserving of a playoff spot than the Denver Broncos. They lost to the Raiders. AT HOME. They lost to the Chiefs. They lost to the Patriots by 974. And the list of bad losses and miraculous wins goes on. Bottom line is this team is just terrible. They have an inconsistent and overhyped offense and no defense. Not even a little defense. No defense. None whatsoever. Yesterday they allowed the Raiders to put up 31 points. The same Raiders team who at one point this season went three games without scoring a touchdown. Do us all a favor Roger Goodell and take away the automatic postseason bid that the AFC West receives.

3. Green Bay Packers
Are they really even rated? I think so, some others might think not. But if you watch enough sprots TV, you will agree. Enough is enough with the talk of Aaron Rodgers and Ryan Grant. They are on a .500 team in a .500 division that also includes a .000 team. If I can use the word “Beast” to describe the NFC East, then I think I should start using “Mediocrity” to reference the NFC North. Right now there are two 6-5 teams, the 5-5 Packers (pending the result of tonight’s game), and an 0-11 Lions team. It’s sad really. Two years ago they represented the NFC in the Super Bowl. Last season they had a team in the NFC Championship Game. This year they couldn’t get a team in the San Diego County Credit Union Bowl (yes, that is a real college bowl game).

4. Philadelphia Eagles
The people of Philadelphia should be thankful the Phillies won the World Series because otherwise there might have been a civil war in the city with citizens vs members of Philadelphia sports teams. But because the Phillies won the Fall Classic, you would think that would have bought some time before the Philadelphians started whining again. But really it only took a few weeks. However, they have a right to be mad. There are five games left in the season for the Eagles. And those same five games might be the last five games for Donovan McNabb and Andy Reid in the green and white, but I can’t say they will be missed. Sure, the Eagles went to four straight NFC Championships from 2001-2004, but they managed to win only one of those. And then lost their only Super Bowl appearance. I know there is a city certain city in upstate New York, cough cough Buffalo cough cough, that can feel their pain, but I don’t think this is the plan the Philly front office envisioned when they draft McNabb second overall in 1999.

5. New Orleans Saints
You trade for Jeremy Shockey and you will soon find out what type of baggage comes along. Not sure if the Saints thought that baggage would be a .500 record after 10 games in 2008, but then again I am not sure what they were thinking when they did the Giants a big favor by taking the scum that is Shockey off their hands. And the best part is the Giants haven’t even been paid off yet. They get the Saints second and fifth round picks in the 2009 Draft. People thought the Saints were going to win the title this year or at least make it there. Probably the same people who thought the same thing last year, but nevertheless, they fooled someone, and actually a few someones. The Saints are the Chargers of the NFC. A lot of “weapons” and a horrific defense. The only difference is that the Saints play in a division where teams actually play football the way it should be play on the professional level. Not sure exactly how teams in the AFC West think the game is suppose to be played.

6. Dallas Cowboys
They won two in a row otherwise they might be a lot higher on this list. But I am not about to give the Cowboys any breaks. They were the NFC favorite and to many the NFL favorite this year. Now they are 7-4 and don’t control their own destiny. They had a big win over Washington in Week 11, I will give them that, but they let the 49ers put up 22 against them. A 49er team currently being led by Shaun Hill. The Cowboys have their work cut out for them over the final five games and I still believe they are finished, but you have to think that the Big D will make it interesting the rest of the way. The only thing that could make the Cowboys demise even better would be if the already eliminated Eagles eliminated the Cowboys as well in Week 17.

7. New England Patriots
If I hear anymore people praise this team I am going to throw up. I understand they lost their most important player in Week 1, but put anyone behind that offensive line and you can be successful.  The Patriots went into the season with the 32nd hardest schedule in the league and in case you didn’t know there are 32 teams in the league. Their out of division opponents have included and will include the Chiefs, 49ers, Chargers, Broncos, Rams, Seahawks, and Raiders. They would have had a harder time playing against the Big Ten.

8. Carolina Panthers
Yes I put an 8-3 team on here. A team that is gradually falling apart is more like it. In their last three games the Panthers squeaked by the Raiders, tip toed past the Lions, and got blown out by the Falcons. They might be 8-3, but they are in a little trouble given the records of the Bucs and Falcons and the fact that they still have the Packers, Bucs, Broncos, Giants, and Saints left on their schedule. I don’t think the Panthers are going to collapse like the Mets would in this situation, but I can’t say I didn’t warn you if it happens.