The Monthly Eli Report


Back on September 8th, I posted Eli Manning’s month by month records for his NFL career. And while I have given updates here and there, I haven’t re-posted a full updated list of how Eli has fared over every month since he entered the league in 2004.

SEPTEMBER: 9-5 (.643)
OCTOBER: 14-2 (.875)
NOVEMBER: 9-9 (.500)
DECEMBER: 9-10 (.474)
JANUARY: 4-2 (.667)
FEBRUARY: 1-0 (1.000)

CAREER: 46-28 (.621)

The undefeated 5-0 this past month pulled his record up to .500 in Novembers in his career and hopefully he can do the same in December and be 13-10 in Decembers. And he if could match that 4-0 once again over January and February, well that would be great too.