Monday Night Thoughts


Watching Monday Night Football was like watching a Division II championship. Because no one can really think that the NFC South is the best division in football, can they? But when the two 9-3 teams faced each other on the national stage for first place is Division II, many forgot that the NFC South is still just second rate to the Beast.

Antonio Bryant had an amazing game with 200 yards on nine catches, but took a stupid penalty for delay of game after a huge catch. Just an unnecessary penalty from a player who was displaying incredible athleticism.

Warrick Dunn is really fun to watch. The man has been in the league for 12 years and is still out there pulling out big runs and making big plays. And the spin move is as good as ever. But he needs work on the receiving game.

John Gruden needs to lose the visor. It was a poor trend about a decade ago and it should have never been one. It’s hard to look tough and look like you mean business when your hair is waving in the wind behind a Buccaneers visor.

Steve Smith is a great player, but we don’t need to see replays of him or any receiver for that matter blocking defenders. That is part of their job. They aren’t paid to just run around and make catches.

Jeff Garcia might be good at scrambling, but he also does it when he doesn’t need to and creates sack opportunities for the defense.

Matt Bryant is still a bad kicker. Giants fans will remember him choking for the G-Men from 2002-2003. A missed 40-yarder and a block field goal in the same game. Wouldn’t expect anything less from him.

The Tampa Bay defense is not as good as advertised. In fact, I wouldn’t say it is good at all. The Bucs forced the Panthers to punt only one time in the game and could not make a big stop at any time. And the Panthers ran at will, racking up 301 yards on the ground.