The Guessing Game


At this time tomorrow the postseason picture could be just about figured out. Or it could still look like a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle laid out on the coffee table.

If you didn’t know, every week Peter King puts out his predictions to all the games and while I have posted picks (with the spread) in the past, I thought I would give the actual score predictions a shot and see if I can come close or actually get any exactly correct. I am not sure if these will be remotely close, but here it goes…

Dallas 20, Baltimore 10
I hope the Cowboys lose, but they won’t. The Ravens can keep their opponents’ score down, but they can’t score themselves.

Cincinnati 24, Cleveland 14
Cincy looked good against a bad Redskins team last week. So beating the Browns shouln’t be a problem.

New Orleans 35, Detroit 17
I can see the Saints winning this game by one. I can see the Lions winning this game also. But I can also see the Saints just absolutely blowing them out.

Arizona 36, New England 31
The Cardinals have no defense. The Patriots have no defense. But the Cardinals have the better offense.

Pittsburgh 21, Tennessee 13
The Steelers are in the top tier in the AFC along with the Colts. The Titans are no longer in that class and it will show.

San Francisco 28, St. Louis 17
San Fran has been playing well, but the Rams have been playing a lot better at home. Making stops is still a problem for the Rams.

Miami 27, Kansas City 23
Kansas City has played a lot of close games and this one will be no different. But Miami will prevail and have a chance to win the AFC East a year after going 1-15.

Tampa Bay 24, San Diego 14
The Chargers have been giving their fans a sense of false hope. But that will finally be destroyed along with their season in a loss at Tampa Bay.

Denver 33, Buffalo 17
Denver needs to pick it up somehow and no better place for that than against the once upon a time 5-0 Buffalo Bills.

Seattle 24, New York 20
I really want to see a Jets/Dolphins everything on the line game next weekend. But I have a feeling the Jets will have the ball with just over two minutes left needing a touchdown to win and the legend that is No. 4 throws a pick.

Houston 43, Oakland 21
Two words. Barn burner. There will be two punts in this game. Both from the Raiders.

Atlanta 23, Minnesota 20
The Falcons are better than the Vikings. But on the road they are only a field goal better.

Philadelphia 28, Washington 13
The Eagles will win again, but with the Falcons and Bucs winning, they still don’t control their own destiny.

Chicago 27, Green Bay 17
Chicago is barely alive, but alive nonetheless. The Packers have been toasted for a while and will only get further toasted with their terrible defense.

And the Giants/Panthers preview will have the prediction of the biggest game of the week.