The Unoriginal Keith Bulluck


I am sure you have all seen Keith Bulluck and Lendale White have a danceoff on a Terrible Towel following their 31-14 defeat of the Pittsburgh Steelers. And while I have no problem with this, others do, including Bill Cowher.

But who cares if the Titans want to dance on the towel. Let them dance. They did just clinch home field and beat a team that has been putting together comebacks every week. If the Steelers don’t want people dancing on their trademark, then maybe they need a QB who won’t fumble the ball four times and throw two picks with so much at stake. Until then, more and more teams will dance on the Steelers.

I don’t mind Bulluck’s dance, but what I do mind is what he said about the game.

Now the last time I checked, “stomping you out” was a Michael Strahan phrase used during the 2007 Super Bowl run. And since Bulluck isn’t in Michael Strahan’s class, it is time he used his own creativity to coin a new phrase. Because now not only has he gotten the Steelers riled up, he has left the Giants no choice, but to stomp Tennessee out. If the Titans are lucky enough to get to Tampa Bay in February.