Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas from the G-Men Headquarters. I hope you all have a wonderful, happy, and healthy holiday season.

This weekend might not mean anything for the Giants, but Tom Coughlin is still preaching that he will play to win the game and unless a player has a significant injury, expect to see them play on Sunday in Minnesota.

On the other end of things, this will be no exhibition for the Vikings who need to win to guarantee themselves the NFC North and a playoff berth. So if you are hoping to see a lackluster Minnesota team, think again. Adrien Peterson will be used just like any other game and the Vikings defense will try to punish and further bang up the Giants offense. But I am all for the Giants going after the win on Sunday as it can only help their confidence and give them a better feel heading into the postseason. Without a game for two weeks following the season finale on Sunday, the G-Men need to get their reps in and keep themselves as fresh as possible for their divisional game.

Speaking of divisional game, the Giants will face the lowest seed remaining after the first round of the playoffs. And right now the other seeds look like this:

2. Carolina/Atlanta
3. Minnesota/Chicago
4. Arizona
5. Carolina/Atlanta
6. Minnesota/Chicago/Dallas/Tampa Bay/Philadelphia

So there is no possible way to even think about who will beat who, considering we don’t even know who will be where until the conclusion of Sunday’s games.

Tampa Bay (playing at home) will beat Oakland. That is a given. As for the other games, it’s anyone’s guess as to what will happen. Sunday is going to be absolute mayhem starting at 1:00 and not ending until the final game (Denver/San Diego) of the 2008 season has been played.