G-Men 23, ‘Skins 17


The Giants looked impressive (at times) on Sunday, more-so in the first  half, but they still looked pretty good. Eli, 20-of-29 for 256 yards (which I predicted) a TD (which I also predicted), a pick and a 93.5 passer rating (which I never would have predicted in a million years). I’ll take that. Plus, the receivers looked really good. Manningham was solid and displayed his speed well on that catch, (the real) Steve Smith had a good day and Boss deserves some credit. Unfortunately, Hakeem Nicks sprained his left foot; x-rays were negative, though, which is good. The running game was not what I expected at all: Jacobs looked like a bum, Bradshaw was decent, plus Danny Ware dislocated his elbow. This was supposed to be his big season. I hope this was some first-game-jitters funk that they’ll eventually snap out of because that display will not stand. They wouldn’t have been able to run through Sean Taylor today (just kidding, bad joke. sorry).

The defensive line was awesome and it was great to get Osi back…C Web is the man, that play with Santana Moss was comical…Despite almost blowing that 17-point lead, I was impressed with the D…the defense was on point, if they keep playing like that I’ll be happy.

Thank God Eli played as well as he did or they would have been looking at an 0-1 start. However, I don’t know if the offense looked good because the ‘Skins are that bad or if they actually are that nice, but we’ll find out next week in Dallas. Obviously I hope it’s the latter, but either way the running game better sac up. Although with a promising young group of deep threats the G-Men might not have to rely so much on the run…but I wouldn’t scoff at another couple of 1000-yard rushers.

Other thoughts from around the NFC East:

Foreskins: Chances are (if you’re reading this blog) you saw them play Sunday. There’s no need to go into detail about them, the G-Men shut them down. But you have to figure if Porits(head) isn’t up against The Big Blue Wrecking Crew he gains more than 62 yards on 16 touches. Regardless, with Campbell (who, surprisingly, had a high passer rating Sunday) at the helm expect these clowns to finish at the bottom of the division, again.

Cowgirls:They looked good, but they were playing the Bucs. The Bucs with a rookie head coach and Byron Leftwich at QB. I was impressed with those big pass plays, but Dallas let TB hang around too long. The Cowboys didn’t look very sharp in the first half. The Bucs had a shot, they were in it in the 4th and that final score was not indicitive of the way the teams played. With the way TB’s secondary was getting burned the Cowboys should have had a wider margin of victory. Don’t be fooled, they go to 1-1 next week.

Iggles:Holy $hit they looked scary. I know they were playing the Panthers who were coming off one of the worst playoff losses ever (I’m looking at you, Delhomme), but their secondary was ridiculous, DeSean Jackson is a dangerous weapon and I don’t want the Giants to have to play them. I hate to sound like a d!ckhole here, but I’m so glad McNabb got hurt. Don’t get me wrong, I would never be happy about someone getting hurt (like Philly fans did when Irvin was laying motionless on the turf at the Vet) but that’s the best thing that could’ve happened to the G-Men. I call it (pun intended) karma for when he picked up the phone on the sideline after that run against the Giants in that game…If McNabb gets healthy and they get Vick back, watch out for Philly. So many weapons. It kills me a little inside to have to type this but the Eagles are a very intimidating team that could be a thorn in the Giants’ side this season, possibly even contend for the division title. Let’s hope for a serious McRib injury (that’s right, I went there).