G-Men lucky to get a win


Wow, that was a close one. 33-31. I didn’t think the G-Men would pull it out, but that last drive was spectacular. The NY defense was atrocious all night, allowing 251 rushing yards and letting Barber do whatever he wanted. The offense wasn’t much better, but a win is a win.

I don’t have much else to say, so here are some random thoughts from the Giants game, as well as, from elsewhere around the NFC East:

  • Did Jacobs just have a contract year last season? Nah, that would never happen in professional sports.
  • The secondary was Bush League at best; Kenny Phillips looked like a lost sheep on that Felix Jones run late in the game.
  • The Giants could in no way stop the run, that was embarassing.
  • Manningham has the potential to be a big-time receiver this season, he was awesome Sunday night. That TD catch was great —  groin-grabbingly great. It kind of reminded me of The Helmet Catch a little bit. Manningham’s going to be a pimp.
  • Is Witten everything in a tight end that Shockey thought he was?
  • That Flozell tripping play on Tuck was the cheapest play ever. However many games Tuck misses, Flozell should sit out the same number. That was garbage, but what do I expect from the Cowgirls.
  • I don’t know which pick was better, Johnson’s pick of Romo in the first quarter or Jerry Jones digging for gold up his schnozz in his box. Hey, pick me a winner Jer.
  • For the G-Men to bounce back after that holding call on the last drive says a lot about this team.
  • The Giants better step it up, because they were lucky to get that win.
  • Romo looked like a bum. That one pick that bounced off Witten’s foot wasn’t his fault, but he still looked bad. The Chubby-Chaser was the one thing that was holding Dallas back last night.

Forskins: They didn’t look bad, they just couldn’t finish their drives. They had four drives of 60+ yards that stalled inside the 10. Much like the Giants, the Redskins were lucky to get a win: going for it on 4th-and-1 from the 2 when a FG would have made it a five-point game is moronic at best. Washington is VERY lucky to have finagled a W in that game.

Iggs: It’s not fair to make a judgement on them with Corn on the Kolb starting under center. However, they were hanging in there until that Hobbs fumble late in the third. Kolb didn’t look terrible (he didn’t look great either) but if Garcia steps in watch out. You remeber what happened last time he took over at QB in Philly, plus, when they get Vick back they are going to be a force to be reckoned with. But all-in-all they looked OK in the first three-or-so quarters against the Taints. It’s not their fault, it’s hard to stop $hit-Stain and Co.