Holy Christ. That was complete domination. Eli didn’t even have to play, and I kind of wish he didn’t.

Yeah, he went 8-of-10 for 173 yards and 2 scores in less than a half, but at what price? I want him healthy as the team opens up the “regular” season next week against the Taints. At Saints, hosting the Cards, at Philly and home against the Chargers are the next 4 games  before the bye week. That’s a tall order, and it doesn’t get any easier for Big Blue after the bye. If Eli tweaked his foot at all Sunday it could be curtains for the rest of the season with those next 4 tilts. Carr could have easily handled the Raiders…I hope that Eli’s foot is still OK.

Plus, the running game was all over the Silver and Black. Honestly, I think I could have thrown a decent game under center against Oakland. It was a nice win, but Eli better have not played just to keep the streak alive. That would be way too Favre-ish. I pray Eli’s healthy and can continue this dominance.

Also, the D was incredible. Holding the Raiders to just 68 yards and five first downs in the first half. Granted, they were facing JaMarcus Russell, who is a piece of $hit, but that’s still impressive for the G-Men.

In addition, that game should have been a shutout; the G-Men got robbed of a goose egg. Fargas’ TD should have never happened because he fumbled. That play should have been reviewed and the Raiders should have lost possession. I hate to sound like a d!ck hole here with the b!tching after a big win, but that was complete BS.