Jim Sorgi Mans Up Again


So, The Giants interest in 40 something guys like Mark Brunell and/or Jeff Garcia has been a bit overstated, in other words, no interest at all.

The Giants secured Eli’s backup for the 2010 season by signing former Colts backup quarterback, Jim Sorgi, to a one year deal. Since entering the league in 2004, Sorgi has appeared in 17 games, so he is not really what we would call “battle tested.” Oh, he is also coming off of shoulder injury, does that make you feel any better?

One more thing, Sorgi looks all of 12 years old, so the Giants have succeeded in securing the youngest looking group of quarterbacks in the NFL, nice work!

Let’s hope Eli continues to stay relatively healthy as he has in past seasons, otherwise, the Giants my rue the day that Jim Sorgi was brought in (over more tested options such as Jeff Garcia or J.P. Losman).

Something also tells me that Reese has to see something in last year’s 5th round pick, Rhett Bomar, let’s see if this kid can play well enough to push Sorgi to third on the depth chart. Stay Blue!