All Quiet on the Eastern Front, Talking Giants Offseason


Forget about all of the talk about whether Antrel Rolle is worthy of a 5 year deal with $15 million guaranteed. Free agency is a gamble and Rolle is worth rolling (no pun intended) the dice on: Young, versatile, great cover skills and flashes of a true playmaker, I’ll take it. Perry Fewell will be looked upon to put Rolle and other Giant defensive playmakers into the right position, I have high hope and high expectations (sure, it doesn’t matter what I think, but I have the feeling that Mara will be watching these moves closely as well and we know his expectations and high and his patience is low).

Reese is feeling the heat and Coughlin is being treated for third degree burns after the 2009 season. Mara and Giants brass will have this team, and specifically Coughlin and Reese, on a short leash, playoffs or bust. Remember, Coughlin’s hires (other than the soon to be canonized Steve Spagnuolo) have been questionable at best, from John Hufnagel (now that name inspires confidence) to Bill Sheridan (a name now infamous for all of the wrong reasons), so Perry Fewell better right the ship and Reese better give Fewell and Coughlin the players to do it.

Reese has proven to be very astute in the draft and another good Giants draft will keep him in good standing (even with a collapse in 2010, Reese probably gets another shot to right the ship, Coughlin, not so much). The Rolle signing was huge, but there are still holes to fill on both sides of the ball, especially if Kenny Philips is no longer Kenny Philips (the trouble with that one is no one will know how Kenny’s knee has progressed until well after the draft), so don’t rule out a safety in the early rounds just yet.

Expect Reese to exercise patience in thie draft, a good talent will be there at No. 15, whether it is a stud offensive linemane (Bulaga or Trent Williams), a big body DT (Dant Williams or Brina Price) or a rare talent (C.J. Spiller). Sure, no mention of McClain but I first want to see his Pro Day and I still think he won’t last until the middle of the first round. No mention of Brandon Spikes because the 15th pick will be too high for a guy falling in some circles (not saying he won’t be a very good footbal player, I think the Giants will have other players rated higher).

Mock Draft 2.0 coming soon, stay blue!