Giant Musings on a Monday


This morning begins the Giants off-season training program, which, of course, is not mandatory (note to Giants players, I believe Tom Coughlin probably views the off-season training/conditioning program to be mandatory which means you should be attending). No word yet if the unhappy Osi Umeniyora will be in attendance (and, truthfully, it is a non-story on whether he attends and who else may be absent for part, or all of these activities), but you have to know that somewhere ESPN and the like are looking to further catapult Osi’s status into a full blown news story.

In any event, please tell me that William Beatty is taking up residence in the weight room, Jay Alford is continuing to strengthen his knee, Justin Tuck’s weight room exercises are not affected by his shoulder, and Brandon Jacobs’ knee feels good already (though Jacobs may miss a few days as he is welcoming a little Giant baby boy any day, congratulations to Brandon and his family).

On another note, who will be opening the brand new stadium has become a bit of a story. Apparently, the Jets are telling anyone who will listen that a coin flip will determine whether the Giants or Jets open up shop this fall at the new stadium. Interesting, because the New York Daily News has reported that the schedule has not yet been determined and that League Commissioner Roger Goodell will ultimately make that call.

Of course I am biased, but reasonable minds should think along these lines: the Jets closed out the old Giants stadium in 2009, the Giants should open the new stadium in 2010. Could the draw of a loud mouth coach, an over-rated young quarterback, and the addition of a washed-up hall of fame running back give Goodell what he needs to give the honor to the Jets? I surely hope not.

Fill out your brackets as tournament time is upon us, (when did Syracuse get so good this year and why did the committee reward, i.e., punish San Diego State in the first round with a nice little trip of about 3,000 miles or so for their matchup against Tennessee?) Either way, we can not wait for tip off, stay blue!