Final Giant Thoughts on Coin Flips


If Woody Johnson and the Jets really wanted to escape the shadow of big brother, i.e., the Giants, then Woody should have ponied up his own cash to not share a new stadium with the G-men, it’s that simple. Sure, financing and other logistical considerations led to the Giants and Jets sharing the new Meadowlands Stadium, but Woody and the Jets were not precluded from making alternative arrangements. Woody’s public complaints are about as reasonable as a 16 year old kid complaining about sharing a car with his brother after the two brothers buy the car together.

Does Woody have a legitimate beef with the coin flip? Maybe, deciding which organization was going to open up the new Meadowlands Stadium for the 2010 season via a coin flip is a little bit strange and somewhat archaic, but when we consider the fact that the NFL uses coin flips at the start of games to determine which team kicks off and which team receives the football first (not to mention the overtime coin flip), it is not all that surprising. Many of you have chastised Woody and the Jets for making such a big stink and rightfully so, at the end of the day, does it really matter?

No one is going to care, whether it be the Giants or Jets or fans of each, who opened the new stadium come December when the playoffs approach, it is much ado about nothing (similar to most comments from gang green’s big mouth coach Rexy). Win and all is forgiven (note to Tom Coughlin, this applies to you, steer this team back into a defensive powerhouse and NFC East stalwart, and no one will be talking about the abomination which is the latter part of the Giants’ 2009 season). Superbowls are not won on the first days of free agency (though most of you know I fully approve of the Antrel Rolle signing and I expect him to perform well and add much needed pass coverage skills and play-making skills to the giants secondary), but more work is to be done.

For the G-men, resolving themselves as to Rolando McClain’s fit into the 4-3 defense is key (as well as deciding on whether Brandon Spikes is the answer in Round 2 or if he will even be on the board when the Giants pick at no. 45) are both more important than coin flips and Osi Umeniyora’s attendance or non-attendance at the voluntary off-season workouts (again, note to Giants players, Tom’s definition of voluntary may not exactly align with the rest of the breathing world’s definition of voluntary). Giants fans, don’t get too high and don’t get too low, it is a long off-season, more moves to be made, players to be released and added, in Reese we trust (though Jerry’s seat is a bit warmer this year than in year’s past, that we know), stay blue!