Bond, Jy Bond


Ok, so not exactly earth shattering news, but as a follow up to our coverage of the Feagles v. Giants contract dispute, we bring you Bond, Jy Bond, an Australian Rules Football Player (I have been waiting patiently to talk about Australian Rules Football in this blog). Bond was signed by the G-men after working out for the Giants brass yesterday. Bond is not exactly the cure to the Giants defensive woes and don’t read too much into the signing of Bond as it relates to the ageless Jeff Feagles.

All indications are that Feagles and the Giants will bridge the gap and get a deal done, I have not heard anything to make me think that another team is going to swoop in and grab the veteran directional punter, but bringing in a little competition (yes, the word “competition” once again enters into our discussion as the Giants off-season continues) is always good and it makes sense to see what Bond can bring (while not mentioned yet, I wonder if Bond is being brought in perhaps as a guy who can specialize in kickoffs and also leg it out on some long booming punts, we’ll see). Likely, Bond is not going to hold a roster spot once the season starts, but I am not offended by giving him a shot.

On another front, the Iggles have released DE Darren Howard (following the trade of Chris Clemons and a 4th round pick to Seattle for DE Daryl Tapp), Howard and his $3.5 million dollar salary became expendable. Jerry Reese should kick the tires on a versatile veteran who can still get after the quarterback (6.5 sacks in 2009 despite missing 6 games in 2009). Howard, at 33 years old, is a low cost rotational player who at can still produce and adds depth and versatility (Howard can line up at DT on pure passing downs as well as teach calculus, sing Broadway show tunes, and has shown a keen affinity for french pasty). Joking aside, Howard is worth bringing in on a one year deal and if anything, gives the Giants another legitimate pass rusher to rotate in and out. Sound like a find to me.

Move We Question:
You have to shake your head about Pete Carroll’s bold move to trade for Chargers backup QB Charlie Whitehurst for an exchange of second round picks in this year’s draft and a 2011 3rd round pick. Whitehurst is a four year guy who has never thrown a pass in a regular season game and the Seahawks gave up quite a haul for a guy who is an unproven commodity. When you figure that Seattle is a team which still has to find an identity in the running game, continuity on the offensive line, and has legitimate questions at wide-receiver (no, Housh is not a number 1 receiver even though he is making close to no. 1 money), the Whitehurst trade is even more of a gamble. Kudos goes out to Chargers G.M. AJ Smith for picking up and extra pick in 2011 and moving up 20 spots in the second round of this year’s draft (something makes me think the Chargers are a legit destination for Mount Cody).

Bracket Talk:
Tough loss for San Diego State, who took Tennessee down to the wire, everyone’s upset darling goes home to sulk in sunny San Diego, I hope the Aztecs will be able to get over this one while lounging at the beach while the rest of the country battles snow storms. Also, Vanderbilt ruined my bracket, this will never be forgiven. Finally, good for you BYU, winning your first tournament game in what seems like forever (I think it is 7 years), hard not to root for a guy whose first name is Jimmer (somewhere, all those named Jim are thinking to themselves, “this is bull, why am I only named Jim?

Stay Blue!