Giants Thoughts About McNabb, Giant Off-Season Chatter


With rumors swirling that the Iggles are shopping QB Donovan McNabb, not so subtly, which I am sure Donovan appreciates, we are taking a closer look at Donovan over the years (against the Giants) to start the discussion about how this affects the G-men. Regardless, have we ever seen a team so desperate to deal a future hall of fame quarterback coming off of a good season? Strange to say the least, the Iggles seem more than ready to hand over the keys to Kevin Kolb, have at it Andy Reid, the G-men do not object.

In giving McNabb a closer look, we reviewed McNabb’s performances against the Giants over the past five years (though in 2005, due to injuries, McNabb did not see the field against Big Blue).

Here is the tale of the tape: Since 2004, McNabb has gone 5-4 against the G-men (not including playoffs), throwing 17 touchdowns and 2 picks (we will also not miss Donovan’s 64% completion rate, on average, nor his average passer rating of 101.8). In the past two seasons, most relevant in our minds, McNabb’s Iggles have pushed the G-men around, winning 3 of the past 4 regular season games and also defeating the Giants in the playoffs at the Meadowlands in 2008. Giants fans should be pleased at the prospect of the Iggles running McNabb out of town, and the un-appreciative Iggles fans may finally get what they deserve.

I am not saying Kevin Kolb is not the future nor that he won’t very well put up big numbers in 2010 and beyond (the Iggles have play-makers, starting with DeSean Jackson), but anytime a new QB takes the reigns, there are growing pains, to say the least. If McNabb gets dealt, which is looking more and more likely, Giants fans should be smiling.

On another front, word is that former 3rd round pick Gerris Wilkinson will also be auditioning for the Giants middle linebacker spot. Honestly, I don’t get this one, here is a guy who has been unable to stay healthy and handle the physicality of the game from the weakside, and the Giants are thinking of moving him to middle linebacker where he is undersized and will have to take no an even more physical role? Here is to hoping that the Giants draft a middle linebacker in one of the first three rounds of the draft.

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