A Giant Wednesday for Us All


Ah yes, the draft is only 22 days away, and rumors continue to build that the Giants are targeting C.J. Spiller in Round 1 (there is even talk that the Giants are among the teams who have spoken with the Raiders about moving up to pick number 8 in Round 1) and formal visits are being arranged (yes, Giants fans can breathe a collective sigh of relief to know that middle linebacker, Rolando McClain, is scheduled to meet the Giants for a private workout). What does this all mean? Three weeks before the draft offers as much certainty as a financial bailout plan. This means nothing.

What do the Giants last three first round picks (Aaron Ross in 2007, Kenny Philips in 2008, and Hakeem Nicks in 2009) have in common? All three of these gentleman never met with Giants brass for a private workout before being selected in round 1 of the draft. Take it for what it is, if McClain works out well (and there is talk that both Jerry Reese and Tom Coughlin were impressed with McClain at Alabama’s Pro Day earlier this month and have also spoken with Tide coach Nick Saban), and he is available, the Giants will have a difficult time justifying picking any other player.

The good, and bad news is that McClain and Spiller, apparently both the subjects of much Giants love, will likely be off the board at pick 15 in round 1. Still, the Giants are in a great position in the middle of rounds 1 and 2 to come away with starting caliber players.

In Round 1, assuming McClain and Spiller are off the board, the Giants have to look at Earl Thomas (fast, athletic ball-hawk who can play both safety and cornerback, giving the secondary serious depth); the Giants may also look at Sean Weatherspoon (yes, everyone says the middle of the first round is too early but I am not buying it), and an offensive tackle could also be the pick (think Anthony Davis from Rutgers; on a side note, the Giants will be one of 11 teams to attend Davis’ workout today).

You have heard my thoughts about how the Giants are not necessarily linked to a middle linebacker in Round 1 (with Sean Lee, Jamar Chaney and other good middle round prospects available in rounds 2 and 3), I personally don’t even think the Giants are locked into a defensive player in Round 1 either, much to the dismay of Giants fans.

On a happier note, the Donovan McNabb rumors continue to swirl and there are reports that McNabb would refuse a trade to the Raiders (who wouldn’t?). Forgetting the fact that Donovan will have zero say in where he goes, the Iggles are creating quite a distraction heading into the 2010 season and the pressure will be on the shoulders of likely first year starter Kevin Kolb. Hopefully, when the Giants and Iggles meet, we will be saying, Kevin, meet Giants pass rush, Giants pass rush, meet Kevin. Stay Blue!