Preseason Schedule, No Coin Flips, and Draft Talk


Sure, the NFL pre-season does not mean much (unless you lose your best pass rusher to a terrible knee injury, See Osi Umeniyora in 2008 against, you guessed it, the New York Jets). Regardless, the 2010 preseason scheduled is announced:

Preseason Week 1: August 16, 2010 (Giants at New York Jets) Quick comment: I haven’t gotten any word that Woody Johnson was crying about coin flips for this game, but we still have plenty of time for Woody or Rexy to say something inflammatory or inappropriate.
Preseason Week 2: Date TBD, 8/19-8/23 (Pittsburgh Steelers at Giants)
Preseason Week 3: Date TBD, 8/26-8/29 (Giants at Baltimore Ravens)
Preseason Week 4: Date TBD, likely 9/2 (New England Patriots at Giants)

Not that I am not excited to at least see games scheduled, but let’s first get through the draft before we start putting on our blue sweaters and setting up camp for game time.

On to the draft where ESPN’s Chris Mortenson is predicting that Notre Dame QB Jimmy Clausen will fall out of the top 20 picks in the 1st round. Here is why I am not buying that Clausen does the Aaron Rodgers shuffle, i.e., a nice little free fall towards the back end of the 1st round: This is not considered to be a quarterback rich draft, after Sam Bradford, Clausen is likely the undisputed second best quarterback (though some teams might just see a little Drew Brees in Colt McCoy and pull the trigger earlier than expected), second, Clausen comes from a pro style offense and is probably the most ready of the qb prospects to play right away, and there are quite a few qb needy teams (Washington at no. 4, possibly Seattle at no. 6 (regardless of the Charlie Whitehurst trade), Cleveland at no. 7 (ignoring Mike Holmgren’s comments), and Buffalo at no. 9.

Plus, I am not convinced that the 49ers won’t at least be intrigued by Clausen (they have two picks in Round 1 and I am not sure anyone really believes that Alex Smith is the long-term answer for a team that has quietly added offensive play-makers like Vernon Davis and Michael Crabtree in the draft), and could Pittsburgh become interested if Big Ben is charged? My point is that Clausen has plenty of landing spots in the top 20 and I predict Mortenson gets burned on his prediction.

On the Giants front, Rutgers tackle Anthony Davis worked out for 11 teams, including the G-men, on Tuesday, from the look of it, Davis impressed (and perhaps answered some ongoing questions about his character and work ethic). Davis is not lacking confidence, referring to himself as the best left tackle in the country. Davis is a good prospect with huge upside (and I would take him over Maryland’s Bruce Campbell every day of the week), not ready to agree that he is the best tackle in the draft, Okung and Buluga are likely to see their names called before Davis, but he may be on the board for the Giants at no. 15. What is almost certain is that Davis will pass Rutgers alum Kenny Britt as the highest selected Rutgers player, selected 30th overall by the Titans last year.

On another note, for all of the tortured Mets fans, is there anything more depressing than starting another season with Jose Reyes on the DL? For a fan base desperate for optimism, this is a big blow. Why do I already hear people saying, “wait till next year?”
Stay Blue!