Feagles Back in Blue


Lost amid the news of adding free agent safety Deon Grant was the quiet re-signing of long time punter, Jeff Feagles, to a new one year deal (bringing Feagles back was never in question, there was not a huge market for a 44 year old punter, albeit, Feagles is probably the best directional punter (I am not sure what that means) in the NFL.

Feagles also has a little something to prove after a down year in 2009 and with the addition of Aussie Jy Bond, looks like there actually could be a little competition in camp this year (thank heavens for that), though we fully expect Feagles to assume the punting duties as usual.

Let’s hope Giants players (Osi, Tuck, and, well, the entire defense) start stacking the chips on their shoulders like Feagles will do (always nice to have a little motivation of course via competition) and get this thing turned back towards the playoffs and return the Giants to an elite team. Stay blue!