Looking at the NFC Beast on a Tuesday


Donovan McNabb Fallout:
Nothing short of a division title and a deep playoff run in year one of the Kolb era will silence the Philly masses; sure, one could make the argument that McNabb had taken the Eagles as far as he ever was going to take them, but didn’t the Eagles just appear in the NFC Championship game in 2008? (it is hard for Philly fan not to get that bitter taste in the mouth when thinking about the four straight disappointing trips to the NFc Championship game from 2001 to 2004), but to trade a hall of fame quarterback still playing at an elite level within your own division? Gutsy for sure, though this move screams potential disaster for Philly, so Giants fans, keep smiling. Something tells me that Philly fan will be clamoring for the days of Donovan sometime in October 2010, and at that point it will be too late.

Is Washington now a player in the NFC East?
Yes and no. The hiring of Mike Shanahan and Bruce Allen, if nothing else, bring competency to the Redskins front office (something that could not be said during the Vinny “puppet” Cerrato days where the Skins seem to be playing with monopoly money in the free agent market; the team also viewed the draft as something less than a place to obtain and groom young talent, hence, the Redskins have been stuck in neutral for the better part of the past five years). Add McNabb to the Redskins and how many more wins do you give this team?
Coming off of a 4-12 season, there is a lot to fix; the offensive line is in desperate need of young talent, particularly with the departure of Chris Samuels, and if anyone watched Stephen Heyer in 2009, I am not sure how you can reasonably believe that he is the answer at the right tackle spot, where he is slated to start. Plug in McNabb, not as mobile as he once was, 33 years of age, and the Skins have less talent on offense than the Iggles. Write it down now: McNabb will not start 16 games for the Skins in 2010.
And while the Skins played reasonably well on defense in 2010, an unhappy, contract rich Albert Haynesworth has not been shy (Albert is only shy when stomping the head of opponents, ask Cowboys center Andre Gurode on that one) letting all those within earshotknow that he is not thrilled with the Skins change to a 3-4 defense. This is going to get a whole lot more interesting as we move towards the 2010 season, Haynesworth’s “pain in the ass potential” far exceeds anything Jerry Reese will have to handle with Osi Umeniyora.

Thinking about the NFC East offseason should make Giants fans smile. All of the attention is on Kolb and the Iggles, McNabb and the Skins, and the Boys minus Flozell “leg whip” Adams, placing the G-men in a nice “under the radar” position. If you remember, the last time Eli and the Giants were under the radar, the G-men hoisted the Lombardi trophy. Combine this with St. Sanchez and Rexy’s Jets and Tom Coughlin should have this group motivated if nothing else.
Giants fans have spent the 2010 off-season worrying about fixing a defense that needs it, but a healthy Tuck and a motivated Osi should help, a big step up from Clint Sintim on the strong side would be welcome, and a little return on the Giants investment with Chris Canty and Michael Boley will pay huge dividends. Remember, Eli and this offense are close to becoming an elite unit; bolster the offensive line, further development from Hakeem Nicks in year two and Mario Manningham (please work on your route running) in year 3 are expected. The sky is not falling here, Reese needs to use the midas touch to tweak and motivate this roster, here we are reporting that Giants confidence should be high in 2010.
Stay blue!