Linval Joseph in Round 2


With the 46th pick in the draft, the New York Giants have selected DT from East Carolina, Linval Joseph. Joseph is a huge choice, huge as in physical size (just shy of 6’5″ and 330 lbs), and huge because the Giants had their pick of at least two (2) highly thought of middle linebacker prospects, Sean Lee from Penn State and Daryl Washington from TCU, and instead opted to further bolster the defensive line.

Is the Joseph pick that big of a surprise? Maybe not, we thought Jerry Reese was going to add another defensive tackle to the mix and needed to do so after watching the Giants get gashed in the run game (the week 8 Leonard Weaver run up the middle for a long touchdown still burns), 2009 was not Giant football, no pass rush and no run defense. So, Jerry Reese has opted in Rounds 1 and 2 to shore up the trenches on the defensive side of the ball, we have no issue there, it needed to be done.

As far as middle linebacker goes, obviously the Giants biggest need going into the 2010 NFL Draft, we look to Round 3 for a guy like Temple’s Jamar Chaney or Donald Butler from Washington. And yes, Brandon Spikes is also still an option as well.

Stay Blue!