Chad Jones in Round Three


Actions speak louder than words, the Giants are publicly hopeful about Kenny Philips return but are not so quietly adding a mix of young talent and veteran presence (Antrell Rolle and Deon Grant) at the safety position.  Now add in Chad Jones (impressive athlete, good upside) out of LSU in round 3.  In their first 3 picks, the Giants have addressed needs on defense in the secondary and on the defensive line, but as Round 4 approaches, another middle linebacker is no where to be found.  Giants fans are getting restless, and the list of prospects who can come in and compete for a starting job (in the middle of the defense) are shorter than they were.  Might the Giants have some interest in at least adding Kirk Morrison to the mix with an offer for a late round pick (they could wait for the Raiders to release him in the next few days as well)?

Day 3 Needs:

1. Middle Linebacker: Jamar Chaney from Temple?  Makes too much sense, my guess is Philip Dillard out of Nebraska, who they brought in on a pre draft visit.

2. Offensive Line: Have to think Boston College center Matt Tennant will be on the radar; maybe a guy like Ciron Black at some point?

Another running back added to the mix is not a bad idea (Danny Ware has not distinguished himself and lead backs Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw have both been held back with injuries requiring off-season surgery).  And, of course, more defense.

More on Chad Jones, who we like, a little bit later. Stay Blue.