Is Jerry Reese Done Adding Pieces to the Defense?


A Giant Wednesday to you all.  In the aftermath of the NFL Draft 2010, rumors continue to fly that the Giants had a deal in place to move DT Barry Cofield to the Saints for a secondday pick (likely a third round choice), and the trade progressed to the point where Cofield and the Saints were negotiating a contract extension.  The Saints and Cofield never were able to seal the deal, andthe Saints weren’t going to trade a 3rd round pick to the G-men for a guy set for unrestricted free agency, so Cofield remains.

Couple the Cofield deal (that never was) to more rumors that the Giants and Jaguars talked quite a bit about DT John Henderson, but ultimately couldn’t agree on compensation for the deal (I’ll give it to Jerry on this one, why pay a draft pick, even a 5th rounder, for a guy you expect to be cut after the draft).  Predictably, the Jaguars did just that, cutting the long-time defensive tackle, making Henderson an unrestricted free agent.  So, the big question remains, are the Giants going to move Cofield?

Reports indicate that the Giants have been in touch with Henderson’s agent and that a visit is planned (see Chris Canty, Michael Boley, and Antrel Rolle), when Jerry brings in a free agent he likes, the free agent doesn’t leave without a contract.  Henderson would be a nice addition, great size, very good against the run, commands double teams (even if at this stage in his career, he is not exactly what you would call a pass rusher).  If Henderson is brought on board, surely that means the end of free agent bust Rocky Bernard (and Cofield might also become expendable as well).

Add in big John Henderson to Canty, a recovering Jay Alford (expected to be 100% healthy for training camp), 2nd Round draft choice Linval Joseph (not to mention undrafted free agent Nate Collins who we like very much), and consider that Justin Tuck will likely see time at defensive tackle on passing downs, not a lot of playing time to go around.  Still, Cofield is solid against the run and plays hard on every snap, and he showed signs of full recovery from knee microfracture surgery towards the end of the year.

Our Take: Jerry Reese will try to reel in big John Henderson whose size andstrength would be a perfect fit in a situational/rotational role on the d-line.  As much as we like Barry Cofield, it looks like the Giants are not opening the check book to keep him, so my guess is he is out if Henderson is in. Your thoughts?

Stay Blue!