Start Spreading the Giant News


Start spreading the Giant news, the Super Bowl is coming to the new Meadowlands Stadium in 2014!  In what is a rare show of cooperation and partnership, John Mara, Bob Tisch, and Woody Johnson pushed egos and agendas to the side and worked together to make this happen, congrats to both organizations.  Big for New York, big for New Jersey, and big for the new stadium which has yet to secure a sponsorship deal, this can only help!

Good article by, featuring second year players Ramses Barden and Travis Beckum.  Big things are expected from both 3rd round draft choices in 2009, especially after the Giants spent all but one pick in the draft in 2010 on defense.  Beckum’s rookie year featured only 8 receptions, but no big plays and his impact was minimal.  Ramses Barden only dressed for two games and did not even earn a role on special teams, it’s time to shine gentleman.

Beckum has the ability and hopefully will get the opportunity to fill a nice little niche role in this offense.  Beckum is not a wide receiver and is also not really a tight end, but he is a guy that is tough to match up with, in a similar role to the Jets’ Dustin Keller.  If only the Giants could get similar production from Beckum.

Barden can be that red-zone threat we talk about (Tom Coughlin calls it the green zone), but he has to be able to contribute on special teams with Smith, Nicks, and Manningham confirmed as the big three pass catching options.  Ramses Barden is a project and projects take time, but we need to see some progress with Barden in year 2.

Stay Blue!