Giants Vikings Preview


The first big question everyone is asking is, will Farve play? I’m thinking there’s no way that he’s going to let his streak die out, and he’ll get the start. The question I’m asking is how long he will play before he gets smacked and leaves on a stretcher? The Giants dominant pass rush may in fact end Favre’s career. You got to admit Farve’s a tough S.O.B. though, and never forget the gift he gave Straham when he fell down, giving him the all time season sack record. That’s a distant memory now though, all the Giants defense has on their minds is the 44-7 whipping they received last year against the Vikings.
Speaking of records, Eli’s going for his 100th game in a row. Props to the o-line for that.
I am a little worried about Adrian Peterson. Guys a straight up freak of nature. The Giant’s tackling has looked pitiful at times during the year, and if you don’t wrap up A.P. it’s going to be a long day. Sidney Rice looked like he was back to full health last week, so the Giants are definitely going to be keying on him. I don’t think they’ll score more than 17.
So the Giants offense is getting back Eli’s favorite target, in Steve Smith, who said he had the best day of his life today, because he could play again. What a great attitude to have, players who are working hard to come back and itching to play. Hmmm, who’s also coming back?(most likely) Mr. TD himself, Hakeem Nicks. He said he was feeling great at practice, so he’s still waiting on the final clearance from doctors. Diehl and O’Hara are also supposed to be coming back this game, so I’m hoping for some big holes for Jacobs and Bradshaw. The Vikings have a good d-line and line backing crew, so the Giants are most likely not going to run wherever they want like last week against the Skins. Going back to a more balanced offense, I think we’ll put up 27 on them.
Side Note: Just when you thought Jets fans would shut the hell up for a week after being exposed by the Pat’s, they got to find something to complain about, in the Giant’s allowing Miami to use our practice facility. Gimme a break!