The New York Giants – Injuries Mount During Vikings Defeat


The injuries that the New York Giants have had to contend with this season have passed over the borderline and into the territory of the obscene. Before the start of the preseason, and at the very first practice, their “Plaxico Burress successor”, Domenik Hixon, suffered a season ending accruciate ligament injury. From that practice up until the game against the Minnesota Vikings on Monday night, the Giants’ receiving corp continued to be depreciated by a nasty little injury plague.

There was a glimmer of hope on Monday night though. David Diehl, Steve Smith and Hakeem Nicks all made it back into the starting lineup only to find the injury plague back in full swing. Steve Smith was Big Blue’s second leading receiver before his pectoral injury. In the 3rd quarter of the Vikings game, Smith suffered a hamstring injury and is likely to miss at least one game.

As far as the injuries go for the Big Blue Wrecking Crew, it has been one step forward and two steps back. Hakeem Nicks was expected to miss three games after he was hit with compartment syndrome in his right leg. He returned one week early and was the leading receiver in Monday night’s game. Mario Manningham, who bared the brunt of the receiving load while Nicks and Smith were out, also found himself blindsided by the injury plague.

Manningham will undergo an MRI to determine the extent of the hip flexor issue that he was struck with on Monday night. Clint Sintim suffered a similar season ending ACL injury in the game against the Vikings. Losing Manningham would create a void as he is the most targeted receiver for the long ball. The New York Giants have plans on signing LB Kenny Ingram to their practice squad today, who was waived by the G-Men earlier in the year, to compensate. Justin Tuck got a little banged up during the game as well but is not expected to be limited in practice this week.

Coming into what is easily their biggest game of the year, the Giants find themselves having to confront the injury plague once more. The weather related obstacles that cost them a day and a half may also prove to be a factor in this Sunday’s game against the Philadelphia Eagles. Having to jump over their biggest hurdle and being down a day of practice, not to mention a player or two, will be their next sink or swim scenario. They have managed to stay afloat thus far.