Don’t “Tase” Me Bro


So far, this week has not been kind to the NY Giants.  After spending three days trekking snow storms in the Midwest, they got back to New York only to find out both Clint Sintim and Steve Smith are out for the year.  But it’s not all negative coming out of the New York Giants camp.  After the defense’s dominant performance on Sunday, one player steps into the spotlight. PTI’s,  Tony Kornheiser  and Yahoo claims DT Barry Cofield has the leagues best sack dance.  Cofield has been doing the dance for awhile and I’m sure many of you have seen the dance before and have asked yourself, “What the hell is that?”  Its called “The Tase”, it’s absolutely ingenious and hilarious.  After a sack, Cofield uses his right hand as a taser gun shocking himself into a shaking rhythm.    The reason it has been highlighted this week is because Big Barry Cofield pulled out a triple shot.  Hopefully we can watch Cofield shock himself silly all around Michael Vick on Sunday.  Watch the sack dance video below.