Michael Vick On Dog Fighting, “It Was Something To Do.”


In an interview given to theGrio, Philadelphia Eagles QB Michael Vick professes his love for animals and says, “I’d love to have another dog in the future.” Vick, of course, was slapped with a court ordered life-long ban on owning a dog. “This is just the way we was brought up” is one of the rationalizations that Vick, so eloquently, offers as a defense for his unspeakable acts. Hear more of what he has to say in the video bleow.

Michael Vick also touches on his status as a “positive role model” and is dubbed as a mentor. To quote a line from the character “Mugatu” from the movie “Zoolander“, “I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!”

Do you feel like you’re taking crazy pills too? Let’s hear it.