Focus: Top 10 Most Productive Teams

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Total Offense

The Giants once again have the #5 best performing total offense in the league.  And to make matters even better, the NY Giants have consistently posted those statistics since 2008.  That’s 3 season of being in the top 5 most productive offenses in the league.  Hardly what you think of when you hear about the NY Giants.  It’s all defense in NY, right?  Wrong.   Over the last 3 seasons the Giants DEFENSE hasn’t consistently cracked the top 10 in the same structured ranking. I’ll get to that in a moment, but it’s time to face facts — the Giants OFFENSE has been a bigger strength to this team over the last 3 seasons than the defense has.  The only other teams close to accomplish that are New England, New Orleans, and Atlanta…. but take note.  As it stands right now —  the ONLY team in the NFL right now to be ranked in the top 5 total offensive category each of the last 3 seasons is the New York Football Giants.

The details are as follows for 2010:

  • #7 in the NFL’s passing attack
  • #5 in rushing
  • #6 in pass blocking
  • #11 in run blocking (due to O-line injury woes beginning the year)

Atlanta and New England are the only other teams to get close to the Giants — New England actually has one #6 total ranking that keeps them behind the Giants in 2008, and New Orleans’ start to the season is keeping them off the list this year.  Dallas, San Diego, and Baltimore are nipping at the heels of the top 5 every year.  Indianapolis has not had a complete offense every year.  But that is one heck of a testament to the job the Giants have done the last few seasons.  It’s so easy to get critical sometimes, but pulling back it becomes clear that Tom Coughlin, Kevin Gilbride, Eli Manning, the offensive line, the receivers, the running backs — everyone that makes up the supporting cast for the Giants have done a terrific job offensively each year.