GmenHQ Roundtable Discussion, Eagles Coming To Town

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Will Vick stay in Philly after this year and what kind of contract situation are we looking at right now?

Jen: I can’t imagine the Eagles will let Vick go, and he has already expressed his desire to stay. I can see something like a three-year contract due to his age and high risk playing style.

Sam: Philly has been known to be tight with there pockets but great scouts. Thats why they always manage to have one of the teams with most cap space but still be competitive. I think they’ll tag him and see if he can do it for another year or give him an extension in the middle of next season.

David: I think he’d be foolish not to stay in Philly. He is thriving and the Eagles have done a marvelous job in creating and maintaining a support system for him. Ownership has given him another chance and been rewarded with a competitive and entertaining quarterback that enhances their team.

As far as a contract is concerned I believe cooler heads will prevail and everyone will come out on top. It is estimated that Michael lost more than 100 Million dollars due to his legal troubles. I hope he realizes that he may never recoup that amount but certainly may agree on a lesser amount that still provides security for his future. Let’s face it, I doubt Vick has many options outside of football so it is incumbent that he negotiate a fair deal affording him a good amount of up front money. Based on the past he will probable not be offered the huge immediate paydays of a Tom Brady, Eli or Peyton, Tony Romo, etc. If one were to read the smoke signals from the Eagles it seems as if they are committed to him for the future.

Sean: Vick will stay in Philly if his money is right. If they give him a big ole contract with all the trimmings, he’ll stay. I don’t see this guy as having any morals or loyalties. I’m not buying what he is selling as far as all of this “changed person” stuff goes. He’ll be looking for a hefty salary and lots of bonuses. If he doesn’t get them, he’ll take his Eagles wings and fly. No question.

The Eagles are battling injuries like everyone, who are the key innactives going to be and do you foresee any issues there the Giants can exploit?

Jen: Right now it looks like the biggest question mark is on Asante Samuel. The star cornerback picked off Eli Manning twice earlier this year, so lose him would be bad news for the Eagles.

Sam: Of course Stewart Bradley! He played lights out last time, they’re going to miss him alot. The only other gamee he missed this year, they lost to Detroit.

David: Eagles are masters at hiding their weaknesses and inserting heretofore unheard of players who end up performing marvelously Losing Bradley might help the running game as he was playing very well. However, short of losing Vick, DeSean Jackson and LeSean McCoy I do not think their current injuries are going to hamper them that much.

Sean: With who we KNOW is going to be out, Stewart Bradley. He is definitely a key player and one who was effective against us last game. 5 tackles, 1 interception and 3 pass deflections, yes him being out helps. Asante Samuel is questionable. He had a full practice on Wednesday but was limited on Thursday and Friday. This could indicate a decline in his condition. Then again, it could be a strategy on the Eagles part. It would be a huge advantage for the New York Giants if he is out. With his type of injury, this just might be the case. He may have been a little over-zealous in his return against the G-Men. DeSean Jackson is another questionable on their injury report. If he does play, he won’t be playing on all four cylinders. The Eagles are banged up. They’re going to be even more banged up on Sunday. Bring plenty of crutches to the Meadowlands.

McCoy ran away with the game last week as well, what are peoples thoughts about him this year?

Jen: He is scary, no question about it. The Giants’ run defense has been great this year, especially in recent games. They faced McCoy earlier in the year and should have a good handle on his running style at this point. If anyone can stop him, it’s this defense.

David: McCoy’s ability to hit the hole at full speed makes him very dangerous. The good news is he is not especially good at breaking tackles and that is where the Giants can limit his effectiveness. They must always get a body on him. He single handedly (along with that goofy slide by Eli) iced the last game vs. the Giants.

Sean: He ran up 149 yards against the Cowboys. Are we really going to consider this an accomplishment? The kid is good. There’s no debating that. But seriously…the Cowboys.

Desean Jackson ran a 90+yard TD at 60% with a foot injury — how in the world do you stop this guy from breaking the game wide open?

Jen: He has to be double teamed, there is no way around it. At the very least, if he is able to catch the deep throw in double coverage, they have to be able to make open field tackles to stop him from running. Jackson is Vick’s go-to guy, so the Giants need to shake the confidence of both guys from the first snap.

Sam: The same way we did last time, force vick to make the quick pass and collapse on him and dont GAMBLE. keep him in front of you at all times.

David: Alert safeties and a little luck. Let’s not give him a free release and when he catches the ball punish him.

Sean: Cortisone can do wonders. The Giants secondary will definitely have their hands full, as will their guys up front. The Giants know who they’re going up against. They know who they have to watch out for. They’ll have to keep their eyes open for the entire 60 minutes. After the last round up, I am sure they will. They did a good job for most of the game the last time. I think they’ve learned that they have to do a good job all throughout. Keep the holes in the lines plugged up. Keep the pressure on Vick. Become a wall in space.