GmenHQ Roundtable Discussion, Eagles Coming To Town

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What is the X-Factor for the Eagles?

Jen: Vick is an x-factor any time he steps on the field. While I think this game will come down to defense, it only takes one big play to change the game, and these days no one does it better than Vick.

Sam: If they can stop the run like they did last time then, they’ll control the game

David: Their youthful enthusiasm and team speed. In the chess match we call play calling (on both sides of the ball) I submit to you that the Eagles do a little better job than that of the Giants, much to my chagrin.

Sean: I don’t think the Eagles have an X factor. Their weapons are all right out on the table for everyone to see. Their game plan is easy to figure out. It’s what you don’t pay attention to that will burn you. If anything, Michael Vick’s mobility. The Giants were able to shut it down the last time. I don’t think we’ll have a problem doing it again.

For the Giants?

Jen: The rush defense will need to shut down this offense immediately, otherwise it will be a long day in the Meadowlands.

Sam: Field position. I feel like our defense did alot better the second half because of more pressure on vick but also having more space to force them to punt.

David: Their indomitable spirit, their laser like focus and their ability to stay in games even when it “feels” as if they are being run out of the stadium.

Sean: The Giants have some X factors. In the last game we saw two of the most unlikely guys come up big, Derek Hagan and Travis Beckum. Their have been some position changes this week. They picked up a Safety, which is curious. Their safeties have been doing a great job. If you recall, Antrel Rolle offered to fill in as a receiver when we were scraping the bottom of the barrel, for lack of a better word. I think we might see some things that we didn’t expect to see this week. I don’t think the Eagles will be properly prepared for this game as they don’t know who will be in the game or who will be in a different position. it’s going to be interesting.

Final Prediction?

Jen: Giants 23 – Eagles 17

Sam:  27-21 Giants.  I think the Giants need and will take the ball first and pound it down there throats,keep Vick on the sideline for most of the first quarter and set the tone for the game.Ahh I can’t wait, I think I’m going to go INSANE!

David: Giants 38 Eagles 27

Sean:  24-13 Giants