NFL Predictions: Week 16 Picks – NY Giants All The Way!


Those learned sports gurus over at ESPN are back from deliberation and we have a verdict. The New York Giants WILL beat the Green Bay Packers this Sunday. That’s what most of them say, anyway. There are many surprising picks this week, including a 50% ratio of unanimous decisions. 7 out of 10 have the G-Men redeemed and clinching a spot in the playoffs, actually 8 out of 11 if you count me.

Last week I posted the ESPN predictions, but I took it one step further and added my own brand of mayhem to the prediction pool. This week I forge ahead, indulging my frenzied football fetish with an extra Christmas helping of holiday flazm. My wizard hat is on and my two cents are ready. How did I do last week you ask? Click on the link below to see my win-loss ratio from last week and to see who my favorites are for Week #16. It’s going to be one heck of a week fans!

The No Brainer Of The Week:
Steelers vs Panthers: Say it with me kids, Steelers…Panthers. One team has already clinched a playoff berth. The other is the worst team in football. This one didn’t require math and science.

Cowboys vs Cardinals: What John Kitna has done, in only 8 starts this season, is pretty impressive. Jason Garrett has managed to take a team with that had no spark and get his players to start playing with fire. Arizona has been suffering from an identity crisis, QB woes and a lack of leadership. A win for Arizona this week is not in their cards.

Patriots vs Bills: The Bills put up a good fight against the Pats when last they met. Ryan Fitzpatrick threw for almost as many yards as Tom Brady. The Bills even had the lead in the 2nd quarter, for exactly 24 seconds. It’s December and that was eons ago. As they saying goes, on any given Sunday… Well, Sundays have belonged to Tom Brady for the last six weeks. The Pats go 7 in a row.

Jets vs Bears: Chicago is the only team in the NFL who have clinched their division. Their 10 – 4 record indicates that their division is somewhat weak and that there is some stiff competition elsewhere in the league. The two teams match up well and it will be a good battle. The Jets have the 5th ranked defense in the NFL, the Bears’ D is not far off of that mark. The Jets have a “sideline stumbler” (or at least had one), a sexy corp of cheerleaders and a head coach with a foot fetish. How can you top that? Jets win.

Ravens vs Browns: Baltimore looks to stay in the race for the top spot in their division. Cleveland…weeeell they’re just looking to finish out the season and figure out what a passing game is. They have a good running game but it is doubtful that they will be able to o much against a team who rank 5th against the run. Flacco, Rice and Boldin will add big numbers to their stats this week. MAJOR fantasy points for these guys, if you’re still in the running.

Chiefs vs Titans: Kansas City look to wrap up their division this week. A win and they clinch it. That’s one heck of a motivator. They are 6-0 at home. The Titans are 3-7 within their conference. This will be a good time for these guys to sample some of that KC barbecue. It should console the loss.

*The Really? Are You Serious? Game Of The Week:
49ers vs Rams: San Francisco, which is such a fun thing to say, go up against the first place Rams. The Niners are second to last. That sounds like an uphill battle. However, if the 49ers win, they find themselves tied for the top spot in their division. Really? Are you serious? Yes folks, thems the facts. If San Fran can limit Steven Jackson they can pull out the win. Mike Singletary might just find himself in the post season after all. Niners win.

Lions vs Dolphins: Miami continues to struggle at home. This week will be no different, as they are the hostest with the mostest. Shaun Hill to Calvin Johnson all day. Lions win.

*The Who Am I? Game Of The Week:
Jaguars vs Redskins: This will be another great week to Tweet with Donovan McNabb LIVE from the bench. The identity of the Redskins is anybody’s guess. The Jags have done well on the road this year. The Skins…umm…have done poorly on the road, at home, in the locker room, on the sidelines…you get the picture. They’ve lost their last 4 consecutive games. The Jaguars look to grab first place and further their playoff hopes. The GarrardDrew-Jones show brings in another W. Jags win.

Chargers vs Bengals: This game runs a close 2nd for the No Brainer Of The Week. I sure do miss that WKRP show, though. Chargers win.

Texans vs Broncos: The last from the south take on the last from the west a mile high in the sky. Rumor has it that even radio stations don’t want to cover this game. That’s probably fictitious. Tebow is to get his second start of the season, a lot of good it will do him. Schaub, Foster and Johnson will git their giddyup on against the Broncos. Texans win.

Colts vs Raiders: This game is crucial to both teams. Indy are in a dead heat with the Jaguars and look to get a game ahead. Oakland still have a shot, but it requires them to win their last 2 games and their leading division rivals to fall by the wayside. It’s probably not going to happen that way. Especially with Peyton Manning coming into town to add another win onto their 2 game winning streak. Experience will make the difference here. Colts win.

The Win And You’re In! Game Of The Week:
New York Giants vs Packers: Call it what you will but for 55 minutes the Giants looked phenomenal last week, despite a loss as ugly as Betty’s ugly sister. Aaron Rodgers, who has had 2 concussions this year, has been cleared to play – just in time to go up against a raging bull of a defense who rank 1st in sacks. While both teams have everything on the line, the Giants will be playing with much more at stake, their pride. I can not imagine another team around wanting a win more than the G-Men this week. Giants all day.

The I Could Have Been A Contender! Game Of The Week:
Buccaneers vs Seahawks: Seattle can take first with a win and a loss from the Rams. Both the Hawks and the Bucs are still alive in the playoff race, oddly enough. This one will be held in Tampa and the Bucs’ Mike Williams will have a better day the the Hawks’ Mike Williams. Bucs win.

The Why Bother? Game Of The Week:
Eagles vs Vikings: Vikings…why bother? Eagles win.

The Main Event Game Of The Week:
Saints vs Falcons: The mighty Falcons look to keep their 8 game winning streak alive. The Saints plan to deliver the third Falcon loss of the season. The only two losses that Atlanta has have been at home. This is going to be a cage fight from start to finish. The birds have the #1 receiver, #5 rusher and #3 sacker. They also have the 3rd ranked offensive line. The Saints, however, have Drew Brees, the #3 QB in the NFL. It’s going to be a great game on Monday night but I say NOLA wins. Who dat? Da Saints!

Mike Golic and I were both on the same page last week. Not bad company to keep.

That’s all I got.