What They Say…Week 16 Power Rankings


As anyone could have predicted, the media has once again placed Tom Coughlin on the hot seat after two bad losses in a row. Two losses, even of this magnitude, would not normally place the pressure onto a head coach, but more often than not, the Giants underperform badly late in the season, and this could cost them a spot in the playoffs once again.

Confidence in this team is continuing to fall, with the writers at si.com ranking the Giants at number 13. The rest of the experts vary slightly in their numbers, but all are officially on “Coughlin Watch 2010”.

The Giants Across the Board

Fox Sports: 13

"Count me as one of those who don’t believe head coach Tom Coughlin should be fired. Yes, his team has regressed over the past two games, but there’s a reason why he led the Giants to a Super Bowl victory during the 2007 season: He’s a pretty good coach."

CBS Sports: 12

"If they don’t make the playoffs, something that is still possible, there will be a ton of heat on Tom Coughlin."

NFL Mocks: 15

"After blowing a lead to the Eagles last week, the Giants lost another to Green Bay and likely are going to be on the outside looking in at the playoffs in the NFC."

Pro Football Talk: 14

"Outscored 72-17 since leading the Eagles 31-10, how can Tom Coughlin not be on the hot seat?"

A few more rankings of relevant teams and my comments follow, via si.com:

  • Washington Redskins, 6-9 (21) – A surprising win against the Jaguars on Sunday, which is bad news for the Giants, who need to win in order to have a chance at backing into the playoffs. We will know for sure just how badly they have been demoralized based on this game.
  • Green Bay Packers, 9-6 (8) – The Packers had their way with the Giants on Sunday, and now they need to lose at home against the Bears to give the Giants a wild card spot.
  • Chicago Bears, 11-4 (6) – Bad news: The Bears have nothing to play for, having already guaranteed a first round bye and the NFC North. Good news: They played with intensity against the Jets when they didn’t have to. Early reports indicate they will play their starters at Green Bay, so Giants fans everywhere are keeping their fingers crossed that the Bears will give our team a chance to make the playoffs.
  • Philadelphia Eagles, 10-5 (7) – Maybe they overestimated Michael Vick? Maybe they underestimated the Vikings? Whatever the reason, that was a silly loss at home. With Vick unsure for Sunday, this last game of the season against the Cowboys just got a bit more interesting.
  • Dallas Cowboys, 5-10 (22) – Another silly loss by an NFC East team, this time against the Cardinals. Injuries continue to plague this team, and even though no one wants to go home in December, the players that are still standing should consider themselves lucky to have made it through the season.