NFL Predictions: Week 17 – NY Giants WIN! Bears?


The ESPN panel of prognosticators have reconvened once more to channel up their predictions for this, the final week of the regular season. But for us New York Giants fans, their predictions do not look kindly on us. While they have unanimously picked the Giants to win, they have also picked the Green Bay Packers across the board.

As everyone knows by now, in order for the G-Men to make it into the playoffs, they not only have to beat the Washington Redskins but they will need the Chicago Bears to beat the Pack. This week the ESPN experts are united on 9 outcomes. I will join this panel of prophets once more and offer up my thoughts, picks and insights into what is sure to be an unforgettable season ending. How did I do last week? Who am I going with this week? Click on the link below to find out.

The No Brainer Of The Week
Falcons vs Panthers: For the second week in a row, the Panthers find themselves in the “No Brainer” game. Are you seeing the trend here? Falcons…Panthers…no brainer folks. Falcons win.

The Upset Game Of The Week
Browns vs Steelers: The ESPN crew are all picking Pittsburgh to win. Not me. Here’s why. The Browns are 5-10. However, the 5 wins that they have managed were against some of the best team sin the NFL, The New England Patriots and New Orleans Saints among them. They have lost 3 in a row, are at home for their last game and are going to come out swinging. Browns win.

Vikings vs Lions: With the performance that Minnesota put on on Tuesday night, shutting down Michael Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles, and the newly discovered wings of QB Joe Webb, the Viks will be looking to close out their dismal season on a high note. Letting Webb loose will definitely achieve that goal and give the entire organization hope for next season. No more QB controversy! Vikings win.

Chiefs vs Raiders: Oakland beat Kansas City in their first meeting. The Raiders are undefeated in their division to boot. KC are virtually injury free. They’ve clinched their division, on their way to the playoffs and are undefeated at home. Chiefs win.

The “We’re Gonna Sit This One Out” Game Of The Week
Dolphins vs Patriots: The Pats have NO plans of putting their starters in for this one. Why would they? They’ve wrapped up their division and grabbed home field advantage for as long as they last in the playoffs. You might see Tom Brady in just long enough to admire his hair blowing so effortlessly in the wind but that’s about it. The Dolphins have had a bad run of luck lately and will be playing for pride. The Fish win.

Saints vs Buccaneers: Who dat comin’ into N’awlins and expecting’ t’get a win? That would be Tampa Bay, but it ain’t gonna’ happen. The Bucs stop here. This will be a good opportunity for the stone crabbers to get down and dirty with some crawdads. That will be about as good as it gets for Tampa Bay. New Orleans? Heading into the playoffs? At home? Oh yeah…dates who dat is. Saints win.

Jets vs Bills: The Jets have had their setbacks lately. Rex Ryan said that Mark Sanchez will NOT play 4 quarters of football this Sunday, if any. There is a lot riding on the line for Gang Green this week and there is no question that they will be playing at full speed for this one. Jets win.

The Divisional Hijack Game Of The Week
Ravens vs Bengals: 6-1 at home, a 3 game winning streak and a chance to take their division is all that needs to be said. Ravens win and take the AFC North out of the Steelers hands.

The Who Beat Us Last Sunday?! Game Of The Week
Chargers vs Broncos: When a team with the #3 ranked QB in the league takes a beating from the Cincinnati Bengals it kind of puts things into perspective. It should also be a great motivator to come out, play your hardest (job security and all) and put a positive spin on a relatively disappointing season. Chargers win.

The You Wash Our Back We’ll Wash Yours Game Of The Week
Bears vs Packers: This is the one Giants fans will be praying on. The Bears/Packers rivalry is notorious. The Bears are already in the playoffs and have a first round bye. What does that mean to head coach Lovie Smith? Absolutely nothing! He will have all of his guys out on that field this Sunday playing their hearts out. Trust me, he and the rest of his team do not want to face the Pack in the playoffs. The Bears defeated Green Bay earlier this year but have not swept a series since 2007. Get the broom out ChiTown! Bears win – Giants thank them.

Colts vs Titans: Peyton Manning looks to keep the game winning streak alive. He and the Colts also look to capture their division and snag a spot in the playoffs. The Titans wouldn’t mind ripping Indy’s playoff aspirations to shreds but for them to come into the Colts’ house with so much on the line and expect a win is about as delusional as a team can get. Colts win.

Cowboys vs Eagles: Philly beat Dallas just a few short weeks ago. But as we watched on Tuesday night, Michael Vick is one hurt puppy, pardon the pun. He has seen his peek this year. He is now on a downhill slope with a 400 lb anvil attached to his collar. The eagles have done some great things this year. The Cowboys, not so much. But Philly has seen their best moments. The Cowboys will be out for revenge and will get it. Cowboys win.

The Who Cares Game Of The Week
Cardinals vs 49ers: Mike Singletary got the boot soon after last week’s loss. What a great idea! Add more disarray to an already discombobulated team. Great move! it’s the battle for last place folks. Guess who will get that honor? Cardinals win.

The Please Let Chicago Win Game Of The Week
New York Giants vs Redskins: The G-Men lost horribly last week. The week prior, they were the best team in football, for 55 minutes. As bad as they have looked over the last 5 quarters, they are still not bad enough to lose to the Skins. McNabb is on the bench. That in and of itself opens our chances to win exponentially. Donovan has always been trouble for us. So, feel free to Tweet with McNabb live from the bench this Sunday. Giants win, make the playoffs and thank the Bears for their help.

Jaguars vs Texans: The Jags are looking for a win this week and an Indianapolis Colts loss in order to keep themselves alive. Despite their QB, David Garrard, being sidelined for the year, they should be able to pull this game off. However, I doubt they will find the postseason. Jaguars win.

The Slip Slide And Away Game Of The Week
Seahawks vs Rams: The weakest division in the NFL finds itself with a very key matchup. Whoever wins this game takes the division and heads to the playoffs. The Rams beat the Seahawks earlier in the year. Seattle have lost their last 3 games. Actually, they have lost 5 out of their last 6. Both teams have struggles this year, in “that” division. However, the Seahawks will regain some honor at home this Sunday and walk away with the exalted crown of the NFC West. The Rams will get some lovely parting gifts and watch it all go slip, slide and away. Seahawks win.

I am going against 5 of 9 unanimous ESPN predictions. Either I am going to look like a hero next week or will have a tremendous amount of egg on my face. Tune in for the results.