Sound off!


Lets get this out of the way.

In no way is none of this Reese’s fault. Hes done an incredible job!We have a sick team talent wise! not many teams in this league can say they have more talent then the New York Giants. Position by Position we have top players at every single one of them except for linebacker,If Reese could find a big time LB in a draft, it would take him from incredible to perfect .Reese has depth at every position, the line we thought was a weakness but our backups did a great job.Injuries are part of the game and not Reese’s fault.He has given the coaching staff MORE than enough to work with.Look at the Patriots roster,Bears roster,Cheifs roster,Jacksonville roster,we have a better roster then even Atlanta that just has key players but overall they dont have anything close to the amount of good players we have.we have 3 safeties,3 corners,8 D-line,3 Wr’s,1 TE,1 H-back,2 Rb’s 6 combinations of starting offensive lineman,5 to 6 players that play up to 3 different positions.I mean what else do you need to win!?!?!?!? the other team to lay down??


Plain and Simple
This team turns the ball over WAY too much and has no killer instinct! They dont finish well, they cant close a game out when there ahead and when things start to go wrong.

What to do with the coaching staff

IF IF we let go of TC which I dont want because there isnt an upgrade from TC other then Belichick.The thing is that people dont realize that being a head coach is about organizing and planning thats what a head coach does and thats what TC is best at.The coaching is left to the OC and DC. I love what Fewell has done but Gilbride has to go and the only way for him to go is if TC goes and I’m almost willing to let him go for that reason alone. I think that we need a new voice on the Offensive side of the ball, some one that has no relationship with these guys and will make everyone compete for a job and force them to get there heads out of their A$$.Ok now that I got that out of the way, IF TC gets let go I would be scared of Cowher because of the 3-4 and we dont have the setup for it and I dont want to waste another year of this teams potential or end up like the Redskins.IF TC gets let go I would love to see J.Fisher get fired and us go after him because I feel that he’ll give our team that killer mentality, I know his teams are known for being dirty and I dont like that but they’re hardnosed and will step on there opponents throats if they have to.

To the fans

The grass isn’t always greener on the other side so be careful what you wish for.Theres enough blame to go every where,Its not just the coaches.As a head coach theres not many better than TC hands down.The only thing I can agree on is they might need a new voice, It might help get the little things through their brains easier.When you hear the same person repeat the same little thing over and over it gets to the point that you lose focus on those little things because this team is great,the Defense gets alot of turnovers but on Offense they have completely been not only careless but RECKLESS. I know we have high standards for our team but dont forget that theres teams out there that are so bad from the top(front office) to the bottom(players). I know we love this team, believe me they brought me close to tears vs Philly.

Dont forget we want a change for the BETTER, If you have second thoughts about something its usually not the thing to do. Remember that this league is weird like that when you get desperate and make emotional decisions.You can be  good for a few years then your terrible for a long time for ex.Cheifs,49ers,Dolphins,Redskins,Seattle and I can go on and on

Go Giants! All day Every day.