How Would Packer RB Brandon Jackson Fit In NY?


The way I see it, the Green Bay Packers owe the Giants one.  RB Ryan Grant has been a tremendous asset for the Packers since leaving NY, but now there may be a full backfield with the emergence of rookie RB James Starks. So the question becomes, what is going to happen to RB Brandon Jackson in 2011?

Jackson said of the matter via PFT:

"“There’s been no communication between us whatsoever,” Jackson said about contact with the team about his future.  “Is that frustrating? I don’t know. A little bit.”"

Was Jackson stellar for the Pack?  No… I was the first to pick him up on my fantasy team after Ryan Grant went out with his injury and frankly Jackson was a big time fantasy bust in my league.  I know, it means little to nothing regarding winning football games in the NFL, but still.  Not exactly a lightning rod of a player.

However, Jackson did have a great year catching out of the backfield and can be a great third down option in NY.  PFF has him ranked as the #5 most productive pass catching receiver in the league right behind the elite backs. And check it out, he only had 1 fumble this season.   That should put him right at the top of the Giants’ list as far as Tom Coughlin would be concerned.

He’s not the best pure runner out there, his yards per attempt wasn’t stellar, but who know what he’s capable of behind the Giants offensive line and a renewed confidence from a different team.  If Brandon Jacobs or Ahmad Bradshaw end up going anywhere else (gulp) then the Giants are going to want to bring in Jackson for a look-see.