Al Davis Looks Awful, But Gives An Amazing Presser


Raiders front man Al Davis looks a bit worse for wear, band aids and all. But that does not mean he can’t give a damn fine press conference filled with great insight, writer acknowledgment, and fair analysis of where his team made strides this past NFL season.

Check out the video:

Maybe I’m just so used to the east coast way of doing things when it comes to the press, you know — extremely tight lipped — that this footage seems overly refreshing to me. Whatever the reason though, I like it. I liked what I heard from Davis, and I liked very much how he used one of his beat writers’ columns as a jumping off point to help tell his story about hiring Hue Jackson.

After Davis turned over the stage to his new hire, Former Offensive Coordinator turned Head Coach Hue Jackson addressed the media as well:

Say what you want about the Raiders, about Davis, about whatever you want. But today I look at these press conferences and I can’t help but feel happy for Raider Nation – their organization is moving forward and it looks like they’re headed in a good direction today.

[clips via NFL Video]