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How the Vikings navigated a logistical nightmare in the wake of the Metrodome roof collapse

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This is a very interesting read that has interviews with the Minnesota Vikings’ front office about their stadium’s roof collapse that occurred a day before the Giants @ Vikings game earlier this year.  Here’s a snippet:

"Sleep is the first casualty of crisis management, and Steve Poppen’s ended abruptly when his Blackberry buzzed and blinked on the nightstand before sunrise.“Oh, no, what’s going on?” the Vikings’ chief financial officer thought as he answered the call from Roy Terwilliger, then-chairman of the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission, the team’s landlord.The roof had just collapsed at the Metrodome under the weight of 17-plus inches of weekend snow, Terwilliger explained.The Vikings would be unable to host the New York Giants for the scheduled noon game, not even the following night.Seek an alternate venue."

Check out the rest of that article here.  And there are more headlines after the jump…

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