Tony Romo: “I think it’s quite obvious I support Jason Garrett”


Tony Romo has found himself back in the limelight after he told some reporters “No Comment” about the hiring of Jason Garrett as the Cowboys new head coach.

But before we jump to conclusions, let’s look at the context of why he said “No Comment”.

A) He was at a Dallas Mavericks basketball game

B) Not at a press conference

C) Apparently he isn’t great at thinking on his feet while at Dallas Mavericks games and not at press conferences

In any case, Romo called in to 105.3 The Fan in Dallas to clear the air.  When asked why he didn’t comment at the Dallas Mavericks game:

"“I think you know the reporters they’re great here in Dallas and they do a good job of not coming up at different venues in places like and at the Mavs [Dallas Mavericks] game or when you’re out at dinner and places where you see them. You know they’re pretty cool about it. If you start a precedent where you’re always talking no matter whenever they see ya it’s just kind of happens everywhere you’re at. You try not to say too much in that regard, but you know I think it’s quite obvious I support Jason Garrett. I’m excited about what’s going to happen here in the future and how stuff’s going to go. I think it’s going to be an exciting time. I know I’m excited.”"

When asked why he didn’t simply affirm the hiring outright:

"“Oh no I think that’s more just talk for people sometimes, for people to write about. ‘No comments’ are every bit is much as saying something to some people. Now when you’re the one who’s not talking, you’re just trying to enjoy a basketball game and the people around. That’s more probably what happens sometimes, but you know I can understand that. I’m guy who likes…you know when I’m passionate about a team or when I love about hearing about a basketball team or anything everyone likes to read into a lot and I’m the same way as everyone else, so I know how that goes.”"

In short it’s just a basketball game people, leave the man alone.   And on a completely unrelated but fantastic note, it was just Jessica Simpson, and it was just Cabo a week before the divisional playoffs.

Women weaken legs!

[via Sports Radio Interviews]