Super Bowl XLV Most Viewed TV Event, Ever


Super Bowl XLV broke the all time viewing record last night with an average of 111 million viewers.

via TV By The Numbers:

"FOX Sports’ broadcast of Super Bowl XLV averaged 111 million viewers and is the most-watched television program in U.S. history, obliterating the prior record of 106.5 set last year during Super Bowl XLIV by 4.5 million viewers and the 106.0 million for the series finale of M*A*S*H, which held the viewership record from 1983 to 2010.This is the fourth consecutive Super Bowl to set a viewership record, and attracted 13.5 million more viewers than FOX’s last Super Bowl broadcast in 2008 (97.5 million) for the New York Giants upset of the undefeated New England Patriots."

It should also be noted that no other event in history has broke records in 4 consecutive years, either.  Given the fact that the Super Bowl hits a new high every single year, it would be a shame to not go for 5 in a row due to a lockout situation.