Phil Simms Threatens, Apologizes to Desmond Howard


Glad this is over.

During the Super Bowl Saturday pre-game hoopla, Phil Simms reportedly started a fight with Desmond Howard:

"“Phil Simms just threatened 2 hit me b/c I said his son was 1 of the worse QBs in the SEC. I told (Phil) ‘LET’S GO.’”"

Phil has now apologized.  The full story is after the jump.

Here’s the “context” from last Saturday, via Sportsbybrooks:

"“Hey Desmond, I saw the tape. You called my son (Tennessee football player Matt Simms) the worst quarterback in the country.”Howard then slowly got up from his promo appearance and approached Simms. Once he reached Simms, Howard said,“I never called your son the worst quarterback in the country, I said that in the Tennessee-LSU game you will see three of the worst quarterbacks in the SEC.”Simms replied, “That’s bull—-, you don’t say that about anyone else.”Howard: “I just said it about two other guys (in the same sentence) and statistically, they were.”Simms: “Well, you didn’t say statistically.”Howard: “You’re in the business, I’ve got 20 seconds to make my point and I think people got what I was talking about.”It was then that Simms indicated he “wanted a piece” of Howard to which Howard said, “I’m here Phil, let’s go.”"

Simms has since apologized and acknowledged that the situation did indeed happen, threats and all.  Via PFT:

"Simms, who also didn’t like the way Howard made it known that he didn’t like the way that Simms made it known that he didn’t like the criticism of his son, has apologized publicly, via an appearance on Sirius XM’s Mad Dog Radio with Chris Russo.“It’s over. And, you know, and I’m sorry.  I really, I mean this, I’m sorry it happened.  I really am because even if it remained private, there’s still nothing gained.  So I’ve learned another lesson.”"

If this had erupted — we here at GMENHQ have little doubt that Simms, out of respect for the 55 year old former Super Bowl champion — would have connected on 22 of 25 thrown punches, 3 of his misses not getting caught on camera.  Then it’s on to Disney World.