Plaxico Watch Has Begun


With his release from prison on June 6 looming, Plaxico has his eyes set on the NFL. His agent, Drew Rosenhaus, reported via Twitter that Plax has been preparing for his return.

"[He] is doing great! He is running & lifting weights 5 days a week. He looks in terrific shape."

I am sure Burress is thinking the same thing as the rest of us, Michael Vick is proof that a player two years removed from the game can make a strong comeback and contribute significantly to their team. Plax is a bit older, but he was a force to be reckoned with when he played, and I think if he truly has the drive to play, he will find success.

But where will he go?

According to, the Giants, Jets and Steelers are three possible destinations. The idea of the Giants, or Steelers for that matter, taking a second chance on him is laughable to me. I can’t imagine either team feeling the need to take this risk, especially the Giants, whose wounds are still fresh from his departure but have managed to create a strong group of receivers.

The Jets are not above taking a troubled player and making a team player out of him, and Sanchez would really benefit from having such a big target downfield. But to place him back in the spotlight in the biggest market in the country is a big gamble. Personally, I see Plax going the way of T.O., joining a team on a one year contract that has no offense and not likely to improve much, even with a star receiver.

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