Brandon Jacobs To The Saints?


Paul Campbell of Fansided’s Who Dat Dish imagines what life would be like with Brandon Jacobs in a New Orleans Saints uniform in 2011.

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"Jacobs would be another great choice at running back that could help the Saints in their quest for the ultimate prize and bring back the Lombardi Trophy. Jacobs looked good last year and is rumored to be unhappy with his playing time behind Ahmad Bradshaw.If the Saints can sign Jacobs away from the New York Giants this off-season, it will also bring Brandon back to Louisiana, back near his home town of Houma, just a short drive to the Superdome."

Jacobs has 2 years left, he’s expensive, and while he and Ahmad Bradshaw have a great relationship — Jacobs wants to be the starting RB of the NY Giants.  Over the course of the 2010 year, he checked his ego and produced some good numbers for the Giants behind Bradshaw.  And of course Jacobs returned to the limelight when Bradshaw had trouble holding onto the football.  The thought is now that Bradshaw and Jacobs cannot be in the same backfield with the amount of money both are due, and chances are the Giants look to draft another, younger option without the injury history as well.

Jacobs is a unique player, no question about it with his size and speed… and the Saints would be happy to have him, I’m sure.  And it would make for a great ‘home coming’ story for Jacobs. But as much as I love watching him play in NY — I’d prefer to see Jacobs leave over Bradshaw.  As I’ve said before, I think Bradshaw has more potential in the Giants ever-improving offensive system with Eli Manning taking more shots through the air, and I think Bradshaw can be the more significant threat out of the backfield on most downs whether it be finding a hole and hitting it hard — or finding space in the defense and taking a short pass for a long gain.  Eli just needs to make his mind up and hit him as it happens a lot quicker this year.