RB D.J. Ware Signed for 2 More Years


Excited about the Giants 3-back system from last year?  Well it may stay exactly the same this year as the Giants have signed “Danny” Ware to 2 more years for $2 million.

Clipped from: www.nj.com (share this clip)

"The team announced the contract this afternoon. The Daily News says it’s a two-year deal worth up to $2 million, so it was a minimal offer from the Giants for Ware, who would have been a restricted free agent."

Ahmad Bradshaw has been tendered at a second round pick, Brandon Jacobs is still under contract, and Ware is now signed for another couple of seasons.  Assuming the NFL actually has a season in 2011 (gulp) D.J. Ware will have another great year of backing up his teammates —  and potentially running back kickoffs around mid-season, all the while earning a million bucks.  Life could be worse…