Mike Pouncey has visited the NY Giants


The Giants do a terrific job of keeping visits under wraps as evidence check out profootballtalk’s “Visit tracker”

According to USA Today:

“He [Mike Pouncey] met individually with the New York Giants, the Jaguars, the Patriots and the Chicago Bears” and if not for one blurb in the USA today (well on the web-site at least) they may have kept this one under wraps.

And let me be the first to point this out, but Newark Star Ledger, the NY Daily news, or Big Blue view have yet to discover that Pouncey has visited with the Giants so score one for Gmen HQ.

The article goes on to say that he would like to be drafted by Pittsburgh because of his brother Yadda yadda yaddee.

Meh. There seems to be a  underground push for Pouncey to the Giants in the first round by the fans, but I’m not in favor of that notion. He’s a solid, good player, but he’s NOT the prospect his brother was, or the player his brother is. Interior linemen aren’t usually great picks in the early to mid first round, which is what Pouncey is, worse yet is Pouncey was pretty awful at center this year (sure he could learn the position so perhaps that’s not a huge deterrent). I mean there are things to like about Pouncey, but to me he’s not worth the 19th overall pick, when I think one of my  favorite OL Mississippi State Derrick Sherrod will still be there as will either Smith,Castanzo, or Solder, all much better value picks than Pouncey, in my humble opinion.

I think Stefen Wisniewski, though more annoying to spell, is also the superior player to Pouncey. Plus a host of other players I like a lot more (Brandon Harris, Mark Ingram, Martez Wilson and Akeem Ayers) are all possibly there. Though with the strength of this draft class being in the DL, I think the Giants should consider trading down in the first round (Maybe even to the Seahawks who might want to jump a few spots to prevent someone else from grabbing another QB off the board.

Anyway, Giants news has been slow, but that’s at least some news there the Giants have shown some interest in Pouncey and that someone was able to get that information out (though I think that came directly from Pouncey himself).

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