Another reason I love the Giants and Their Approach (and not the Jets)


One of the interesting developments that’s come out of the lockout is what N.F.L.t eams should do with their employees. One approach, which the Jets have taken is having pay cuts or Furloughs from Profootballtalk

Everyone contracted on the football operations side of the business will take a 25% pay cut.  Everyone else will have mandatory furloughs throughout the offseason.  If no preseason games are missed, the employees will be reimbursed for the money.

Oh goody, the billionaire owners and millionarie palyers will defer payments while they posture, or not really lost any money at all, which let’s be honest they should be able to withstand for awhile, but other employees, who aren’t rich will also be drastically effected.

If the Jets have changed their minds on this, I haven’t seen it, so if someone has an article that says they have decided not to go this route I’d love to know.

The Giants, on the other hand, from Ohm Youngmisuk

The Giants currently have no plans for salary cuts or furloughs for team employees or the coaching staff during a work stoppage.Mara, the team president and CEO, said that he has installed a salary and hiring freeze until further notice.

It’s unfortuante, that the Giants won’t be hiring, but at least all the employees will still be getting paid. It is true, though, that players like Eli Manning will miss their workout bonuses if this continues (and Eli’s is half a million dollars, not chump change, but he should be ok, you’d have to assume and hope).

Ohm Youngmisuk also believes the Giants are well enough prepared for this lockout  (football operations wise) because they have continuity in their front office, have a pretty complete roster and with the tendered contracts appear willing to head into the season next year with pretty much the same (talented) roster.

Ohm has an interesting quote from Giants G.M. Jerry Reese in regards to the draft:

We’re just looking for good players all the time,” Reese said at the scouting combine. “We’re looking for playmakers. Looking for speed. Looking for tough players, smart people in the draft. Nothing changes in that respect. We’re just looking for players who can add depth, look for some starters.”

Looking for speed? I missed that memo. C.S.I would have a hard time finding speed on this team.

I think he meant to say “we’re looking for a good speed to size ratio”.

Moving away from Ohm, I came across this little doozy from Lawrence Taylor. Saying he would love to have Tiki Barber on his team next year.

“I’d rather have a Tiki Barber than some unknown third-rounder,” said Taylor. “He’s going to be fine. He should go play for another 2-4 years if he thinks he can do it.”

There’s a lot of third round RB prospects I can think of I’d rather have than Tiki Barber at this point. Barber  is not a young man anymore. He’s closer to 40 then is he 30 now, and that’s is a fact.

Closer to what I think most Giants fans feel is Antonio Pierce:

Tiki Barber the person? The leader? The person in that locker room? He’s not going to do anything for your team. (…) Now if that’s the guy you think you’re bringing in, you might want to look in another direction, because from personal experience, he didn’t do anything to help the Giants the last year, especially 2006 when he decided to retire in the middle of season … Can he do it four years later? I don’t think he can”.

Which one are you close to L.T. or Antonio Pierce?