Eagles Openly Discuss Market For Kevin Kolb


Hey all, I’m back from Belize finally. Thanks Jesse for holding down the fort here at GMENHQ.

Now I know — who would want to leave 85 degrees of absolutely gorgeous March weather, especially when the NFL is in lock down mode and it’s a depressing wintery mix back at home. But to all the folks interested in traveling abroad this spring/summer I highly suggest Belize. There’s actually an amazing bar on the water called the Palapa Bar where a ton of locals, visitors, ex-Pats, and of course NFL fans coalesce and I couldn’t help but leave this little beauty behind overlooking the water:

Here’s the view at the time if you want to take a mental vacation for 5 seconds:

And, did I mention they had satellite TV right above the bar so I could watch my VCU Rams take down Georgetown to advance in the NCAA tournament?

They beat Purdue Sunday night was well to move into the Sweet 16 for the first time in school history, although I didn’t catch that game due to the untimely nature of my flight back. C’est la vie — free cocktails on Taca Airlines FTW.

Anyway — back to the grind we go.

In NFC East news today, the Eagles are openly discussing their Kevin Kolb options today. Most likely they will look to deal their starter-turned-backup-QB after the draft.

Via PFT:

"Eagles coach Andy Reid indicated at the owners meetings on Tuesday that he wouldn’t rule out trading Kevin Kolb after the draft. The Eagles wouldn’t be able to get a 2011 draft pick in that scenario, but they may not have a choice if the league isn’t open for business again before late April.Eagles president Joe Banner echoed the sentiments to the Philadelphia Inquirer. He said the Eagles could look for a package including a player and future picks if a Kolb deal was made after the draft."

I can’t imagine that the market is that red hot for Kolb, he looks good when he’s played but it’s been limited at best. There’s no way to say he can lead a team to a championship… and when compared to the way Michael Vick played for the bulk of the Eagles season he looks even less dynamic as the captain of your offense. Would he be an upgrade for the Browns, 49ers, and Cardinals? Sure — but so would Jon Kitna. The Vikings might be interested as well…

It will be interesting to see where Kolb lands after the draft, no one is going to give up 1st round picks for an unsure, unproven backup QB right now.