Justin Houston Scouting Report and Giants 5 Round Mock


We know that one of the private visits the Giants have had is with DE Justin Houston from Georgia.

Well as promised we’ve gotten around to writing up a scouting report for him here: Bottom line: Houston is one of the best pass rushers in the draft, and his game/skill set should transfer very well to the NFL, and some team is going to be getting a bargain in the middle-late portion of the first round

one of my favorite draft news sites is draftinsider.net. Here’s their Giants portion of their five round mock draft

1st round Gabe Carimi

2nd round: Martez Wilson

3rd round: Lawrence guy (DE/DT Arizona State)

4th Round: Jeremey Kerley, WR/PR TCU

My intial thought on this is it’s possible, not great though. Gabe Carimi in the first round is a player the Giants could actually like. An easy comparison, not the best for him though is Carimi is a more athletic, taller, younger David Diehl. He could play LT for the Giants, possibly. In order to grab Carimi there though they’d have to pass up Anthony Castanzo.

2nd round pick is idea and great. The Giants would sprint to the podium to grab Wilson. Wilson is super athletic, has long arms, great speed, pass rushing abilities, production. He’s a player the Giants could consider in the first round.

3rd round: Guy is fine, but at that point based on who was still on the board I think the Giants should consider S Quinton Carter, or TE Luke Stocker, both players I have higher on my board than Guy.

4th round: I like Johnny Patrick, CB, and I thin the Giants would really love Maryland RB Da’rel Scott. Scott has blazing speed and dynamic ability and like Kerley could be a return man.

Your guys thoughts?